Thursday, October 22, 2009

paint me

For the love of this cheery dresser, I am on the hunt for some dingy old chest of drawers that need some love in the form of a bright new coat of shiny paint. Amazing what love and the color of the ubiquitous Tiffany Blue box can inspire. I love this gem of a color, how about you?
See what a "My little green notebook" did with paint!
Look at what Jenny did. Rumor has it that the canvas drop cloth never gets moved for it is in perpetual use. I for one can hardly wait to see what she does next. She even painted those boxes on top of that hot-rod red chest. Never underestimate the power of a pregnant lady, especially when something is calling out those magical words "paint me!"


Debra said...

What a nice project. I hope you find just the right chest. Certainly this time of year you might find a church tag sale - or a second-hand shop. You never know what lurks just around the corner. Thanks for the intro-love meeting new-to-me bloggers.

Purple Flowers said...

Some fresh paint and new hardware. Years ago, I was given a dresser. I painted, and had a mirrored glass cut to sit on top. It gave my perfume bottle multi-dimensional effect. Very cool to look at.

Kwana said...

This post gets me itching to pull out the drop cloth. Thanks.

Joyce said...

Ooooh the blue one is pretty! I hope you find the perfect one. Will it be painted a pretty green?

A few years ago I painted the small dresser I had as a wee young girl, a simple white for the guest room. The last drawer had a small crack (I had it fixed) My mom said I would pull the drawer out so I could stand on it. LOL...

Have you checked out Barb at she gives life back to the furniture of the past.

Have a golden one! xoxo

pve design said...

You would never guess what I found in the trash -
a sweet night stand....ready set, paint me!
Glad to introduce you to a new-to-you blogger!

Purple Flowers-
Show us your dresser and your perfume collection!

Atta girl, always at the ready to be inspired to paint and I hope to write and edit too.

Love - you always make me smile and lead me to new places with people with a knick-knack for leading a creative life!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Every girl needs a little Tiffany blue in her life; big or small boxes! It is a delightful colour.

The red (lacquer?) is eye-popping, in a good way!

Purple Flowers said...

Pve - I gave the dresser away,when I was moving, and to someone who needed it. And I have since reduced my perfume collection to 3 bottles. But that would have been a good post!

Feather Gold said...

Your lovely comments yesterday brought extra sparkles to my day. Thank you for them.

What a fab paint job on the dresser, that color is "wow" and thank you for pointing me to a another fun blog to get lost in.

Julie won the garnet earrings :-) please email me so that I may know where to send them.

Ideezine said...

I just love all the great stuff people blog about and the snaps. Must be the cooler season that drives us to recreate some great items.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love both! But of course - that blue caught my eye first.

Visual Vamp said...

Love these inspiration pictures.
Make sure you publish your finished project for all of us to see!
xo xo

Inty swetha said...

ha ha :) nice post.. she has done a remarkable job!

VictoriaArt said...

Just came home and my first thing is to check out all my blog friends.... it's addictiv I'd say!
Lovely turquoise chest!
Hope you'll find something like it!

The Broke Socialite said...

The Tiffany blue one is my favorite. We're in the same boat. I'm looking for a gently loved console for my living area. I've not found quite the right one yet but I'm keeping hope alive.

Velvet and Linen said...

love that red chest!
How daring.


A Day That is Dessert said...

I love the blue. I have to admit I've never painted anything - walls, furniture.... but admire the ambition!

Marnie said...

love that tiffany blue too -ps. what is the name of the place in your next of the woods with the maira kalman murals?

sasha said...


Jacqueline said...

That dresser is gorgeous!! I love it this color lots! This is such a nice project. I would love something like this for my little studio! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!