Sunday, October 18, 2009

Breezy Hill

pve design, illustration of "Breezy Hill Inn" located in the Catskills, in New York.
Fall is a time to enjoy the countryside, apple picking, leaf peeping and finding some antiques along the way. Breezy Hill Inn is perched up high with exquisite views, located in the Catskills.
A nice spot to escape to for an Autumnal journey.
Enjoy your Sunday!


Karena said...

Hi Patricia, wonderful! I have tagged you as a Kreative Blogger. If you have done this before please consider doing it again or pass it along. I chose the ones who helped me and made the biggest difference when I first began blogging

pve design said...

Thank-you! I have been awarded before but very shy and never posted about it. Just last week another "Kreative Blogger" award was bestowed upon me and now you - I shall accept graciously knowing that I am making a difference in inspiring or helping other bloggers like you.

Debra said...

I could easily curl up by the fire at this lovely B & B. I think this is the very best time of year for a little weekend escape or even anafternoon jaunt. Having lunch somewhere, picking out a special pumpkin, stopping at a tag sale-we stopped at a farm stand and they offered 15 varieties of garlic! You don't find that every day!!! And congrats on Karen's award.

Purple Flowers said...

I love rambling porches. I instantly want to sit on a rocking chair, take time out, and watch the world go by, all with a big 'ole smile.
That is a lovely Inn, which would be a perfectly charming way to spend a weekend!

Inty swetha said...

thats a nice painting !!!

VictoriaArt said...

Just so right for now...
Lovely illustration!
A porch is wonderful, protects from all the elements.
I love them!

Nice award :), you are so creative!

Jo said...

It looks lovely. I perfer to visit B&Bs when we travel


Your House and Life said...

Just lovely! So glad to see you stopped by.

Catskills Innkeeper said...


I loved your representation of Breezy Hill Inn so much I will be adding it to my site, You inspired me!