Thursday, October 18, 2012

tips on staying creative -guest post

Please welcome my guest Eileen from a a creative day blog
Eileen shares some tips on staying creative.
Staying creative is hard. Even though I work in a creative field (interior design) the 'busyness' of life constantly bogs me down. But being creative is something worth fighting for, and I have developed a system that helps me remember how much I love this work.

1. Unplug. Every single day.
In the busyness of life, its easy to feel guilty for turning off your cell phone. "what if someone needs me?" But I've found that when I stay constantly connected to my Ical and to-do lists, I can't be creative. We have 'no tv' nights where we just listen to pandora and sit on our porch and talk.

2. Walk it out
Besides the fresh air and sunshine being good for you, notice what you are drawn to and document it. Photograph your point of view, try the new bar down the street, play with texture. I constantly find myself picking up rocks and leaves, and what I'm drawn to shows me what I'm craving more of.

3. Bed Time
Some of my best ideas and projects have come to me when I get in bed before I'm tired. Just let your mind race.

4. Work with your Hands
This was huge for me when I was in college for architecture and we were constantly expected to be developing different designs and ideas. Some days I would have NO inspiration and no idea what I wanted to do. So I would come into studio and just start working with different materials with my hands, shaping and seeing what forms would come. You'll be surprised how much you can create without trying to.

5. Something new
I always find something new, no matter how little, refreshes my creativity. As simple as a  new notebook or pen, fresh flowers or a gold paperweight on my desk sparks my interest.

6. Wine.
enough said. 

7. Others
This blogging world is pretty special and I'm constantly inspired by the creativity of my 'bloggy' friends. Whenever I'm stuck in a rut, I stalk my favorite designer or blogger, look through pinterest. Don't let it overwhelm you, get excited for those who just went for it and get inspired.

Speaking of staying inspired... this very blog you are reading is an incredible source of inspiration to me. Patricia is so talented and I'm honored to be guest posting for her. Thanks for having me!

Please take some time to check out Eileen's blog and be inspired.  Share a tip on what keeps you inspired.


Joyce said...

A great list to print out and post. My fav was #6. ;) Thank you for sharing. xo

pve design said...

no. 6 would be nice shared together!:)

Henhurst Interiors said...

This is a great list - some things I already put into practice (, some that I will be doing now. Thanks for sharing.
All best,

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love it great list!

VictoriaArt said...

Such a great list! many of these things I do as often as I can. I would add reading. The unexpected, 'something different' books, the ones you might forgo at the first look. Often these provoke more inspirations then the ones we are sure of!

Becca - {extra}ordinary wonders said...

I love this list! I completely agree with getting out, walking around, and documenting what you are drawn to.

the gardener's cottage said...

all great tips. i too find a lot of inspiration while walking. and visiting beautiful sits such as yours patricia always recharges my soul.yzedici 17

I Dream Of said...

So many great tips. Especially love the wine suggestion. Another one I would add is "Always keep your eyes open." Grace Coddington said that in The September Issue and it really stuck with me. You never know what/when/where you will see something that will inspire you!
Thanks for introducing us to Eileen! XO

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Great tips!! It need some creative boost, thanks for sharing. Love the wine suggestion!

katie gavigan said...

such a great list - thanks to both of you for sharing! has my wheels turning and i'm reminded to more intentiionally incorporate daily inspirations - so necessary for my sanity as well as creativity :)

MJH Design Arts said...

Thank you! I do use some of these tips, but others are new--will try.

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