Friday, October 26, 2012

all ears

I have been working on loosening up and learning to let go and well "listen."  Part of trying to work in silence is to listen to be able to hear my inner guidance.  I am calling it my "all ears" phase.

Often inquiries come to me and never materialize into a "sale" and I now realize that not everything is about a sale or being perfect.  I enjoy what I do and there will always be work for me.  That said, this realization feels like such a treat for me to free up space to try new techniques and to let my own ears and eyes guide me.  I think my very own dog does just the same, especially when there is a treat involved.

It is friday and I do hope that you will allow yourself time to listen and reward yourself with a special treat.


Formerly known as Frau said...

I struggle with loosening up and letting go. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy more silence.

I Dream Of said...

Fantastic guidance, Patricia. We've been talking about something similar in my painting workshop this week. Loosening up and letting go isn't easy, but I think it brings an energy and ease to work that you can't create any other way. Love your little "all ears" friend, here. He's adorable and I'm sure the home he's going to is going to love him! Happy Weekend! XO

pretty pink tulips said...

Hi Patricia,
I think we can all benefit from loosening up and listening more. Your furry friend is SO adorable!!!

Enjoy the weekend before the big storm hits!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering said...

Great advice, Patricia (and sweet puppy!) Enjoy your weekend!

MJH Design Arts said... much is found in the connections formed. The discipline of silence--not an easy path. Does your baby come to work with you? He's gorgeous.

BRASWELL said...

Such fantastic advise + adore your doggie.

Kwana said...

How did I miss this little cutie that looks so like Jack all except Jack's ears are down. He's just that chill. LOL. What a sweetie.