Thursday, October 11, 2012

October good and evil

 October is a month full of goodness.  
Good warm things to eat and share with family and friends.
As we spend more time inside, we find the time to enjoy slow roasted stews, soups and roasted meats.
hmm. hmm. good.

 Then there is the mean and evil bad part of October that very often is just girls being mean and excluding one girl.  It always seems to be around Halloween.  It might even have something to do with the entire costume scene of one person feeling excluded.
I have a 13 year old daughter so I feel like an authority on mean girls.
It is not only the evil that comes out in girls, boys can turn on their devilish charm too.  Imagine a young man invited to a wedding just bringing along eight uninvited guests to a wedding party without notice, and think they were just being good.  It sounds familiar, right?

Is it me or does October bring out the good and the evil near you?

all illustrations created for Sheridan Road Magazine


Joyce said...

Love, love October for the warm good things you mention. No matter Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr... I don't like when anyone young or old gets left out. The sad part is the young ones year from example if their parents and history repeats. As I always say to friends and co- workers we don't have to like each other lets just all get along. Oh yeah that goes for family too. :) Love the illustrations warm and fuzzy. xo

pve design said...

Thank-you for your kind words and open heart.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Fun and festive illustrations....I love them. Having a daughter also....oh the years of drama and exclusion its never ending.

Have a wonderful day!

Joyce said...

I love my phone but not that it has a mind of its own when it comes to choosing words. Sorry about that in the comment above. ;) xo

I Dream Of said...

Patricia, I love, love, love your illustrations. Even when they represent a "darker side" topic like "mean girls" your warmth, joy and goodness comes through.

I think some of the good things about this time of year are also evil. I'm thinking about all the yummy Halloween candy I'm trying so hard to resist right now! XO

Kwana said...

Oh I think every month being out the good and evil in folks. You just have to roll with it. And your have teen girl so it's a fluid thing with the good and the evil of the friends. Hang in there. I love the you were able to illustrate it though. Fun!

JMW said...

I love October, but I understand how your heart can hurt when a child is left out of the fun. I've already experienced it with one of my kiddos. Here's hoping she's doing okay. And as for the young man with the eight friends, what a self-centered dolt!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering said...

Wonderful illustrations as always. I remember the days with a young teenage daughter - it's tough.

Enjoy this gorgeous fall day!

VictoriaArt said...

Truthfully the good and evil things come through all the time....we just have to be patient and make sure there is always a plus on the good side!
It's all in the balance!
Lovely work! You have the light touch!

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

October shines in your art!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

loving those pieces, love fall. My girls will be kitten and a princess this Halloween....hope they stay soft and sweet like kittens and princesses as well. I dread the mean girls years in our future....and hope I can stand back and not get involved. Will be hard not to mediate the ugliness.

As always, you are forever the "nice" girl

annie said...

I love your illustrations...Is it just me, or are there are people out there that would just love to see you work? Your illustrations are so warm and cozy, even if the topic leads to mean girls. Goodness, why are girls like that?

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Patricia,
I know exactly what you are talking about. I just had a related conversation with a young mother regarding how to teach her kindergartener about Halloween. We need to celebrate the light and not the dark. Thanks for starting the conversation.

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