Monday, July 09, 2012

monday motivation - Grandma's

Both of my Grandmother's were equally inspiring to me as is the artist Grandma Moses.  She did not begin to paint until she could no longer do needlework due to arthritis.
This is one of my favorite works by Grandma Moses.  How marvelous that she found something to stay vertical....such as painting to motivate her to live to 101.  I am always motivated by others who say "If not now, when?"

Do you have a Grandma in your life that has motivated you to always try new things and to never be afraid to try?   We are after all works in progress at any age or stage in our lives.  I love thinking about learning new things that can be so motivational to a long life.  I am not a Grandma yet, but I can hardly wait for the day!


Unknown said...

My grandmother is a strong woman and I always loved this about her.
She told me to stay strong myself, work hard and be independent.

Maryl said...

I spent the weekend with my 94 year old aunt. She's not really my aunt but my mother's closest and longest friend. My mother is gone but I still have Irene. Both were and are amazing role models for me. Irene never married but made her way in the business world after the War where women were barely seen aside from secretaries. She had an amazing career with the government; she was one of the first employees of the new EPA at the time. She lives in an assisted living home now and is very active. She doesn't paint but plays bridge, poker, bingo, exercises daily, reads several newspapers and devours books. You can't believe her mind. I took her to see Woody Allen's latest movie yesterday and last summer we saw The Tree of LIfe. She loved them both and I love her.

Maryl said...
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Dana said...

I was just thinking of Grandma Moses yesterday and was reminded it is never too late! your post is just like a message to me that, yes, that is what I am meant to believe. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Helloooo!!!! I hope you had a wonderful 4th and the week that surrounded it.

I always admire the women around me who have lived far longer and are still engaged in life. I so want to be that way.

What are you painting these days?
xoxo Elizabeth

I Dream Of said...

My Grandmother Rose had strong opinions and beautiful taste - she inspires me to stand my ground when I need to - and probably my love of interiors and fashion. Grandmother Zaza was so kind, an incredible horsewoman and loved all creatures great an small. She inspires me to always put kindness first and to have a sense of adventure.
Hope you had a lovely 4th Patricia and that summer is rolling along beautifully for you! XO

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I have been without grandmothers for decades, but I think of them often and the influences they've had on my life! (All good)

Acquired Objects said...

It's because of my Grandmother that I'm in textiles today. She had me sewing and collecting since I was small. Thank you for bring a few wonderful memories back!


Woodside Park said...

Hello, Patricia -
Hope you had a great weekend! You posted on one of my favorite artists: Grandma Moses. When I worked at the Smithsonian, I used to love visiting her folk paintings. And, I remember her show years ago at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

A Daughter of the King said...

How lovely she is...and what an inspiration!

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Patricia, I hope to be a work in progress forever. I had a beloved Aunt-(I'm named after her) who lived to be 105 (plus a little bit) and my grandmother who lived to be 99........My Irish grandmother was the adventurer and the endurer and overcomer; my aunt never learned to drive and never flew, but very quietly amassed a small fortune (which took some hits) in the stock just can never know the heart of a person by simply looking at the visible.
Have wonderful Tuesday.

BRASWELL said...

A lovely post + my grandmother, Ruby, was one of the reasons I am in the business of interior design(which I adore). Wow, what a southern lady!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

i know i say this every time you post art by your family, but HOLY COW. you are the most gorgeously artistic family to have ever walked this earth. i'm so inspired/jealous/smitten with the idea of it. do any of your kids have the talent, too?

Unknown said...

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