Monday, July 30, 2012

monday motivation - cultivate change

Just a little monday motivation for you to inspire you to "float on, dear one, towards your newest possibility."
It is true, "Nobody likes a rut, except, perhaps, a seed."
Do you take time to explore and try something different?
Are you setting an example that you would like to follow?
Do you offer to help, more?
What about going out on a limb and consider a bit of change in your life?

Very often in order to grow and to cultivate change, we need to start with tending to our heart's needs.
We can be our own best friends and give ourselves time to write our own heart a letter, buy a gift for ourselves.  I think when we set goals or cultivate a change, we deserve a kiss or a charm.

Waxing Poetic has lots of goodies to motivate one, or at least to plant a little seed of change.
"Everything is up to you."


The Buzz Blog said...

What wonderful inspiration to start the week with, especially having been away. Will definitely need to check out those lovely charms, tend to our hearts and cultivate change.
C + C

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love this! I have a beautiful K charm from this company that my best friend gave me before I moved...I cherish it. Happy Monday!

Kwana said...

Lovely motivation. Thank you.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

lovely images and inspiration of course...are they from a book?

Woodside Park said...

Thanks for posting this, Patricia. Having my own business, I firmly believe in self motivation....make things happen for myself (and my shop). Happy Monday!

red ticking said...

love love love love love... thank you dear friend...
wishing you a wonderful day.... xo

pve design said...

Take a look at waxing poetic....lots of goodies, for your girls and for you.

Do you have a shop?
I love your style....and I can see it is honed and disciplined.

hope you are well, did Kathleen pop in to your shop?

vicki archer said...

this is just lovely...the perfect approach to start the week with...thank you... xv

Unknown said...

I have been having a surge of self motivation, having gotten in a little rut of my own. My two inspirations right now are French Women For All Seasons by Mireille Guiliano & Younger Next Year!

I'm starting to keep an exercise log and have started golf lessons...something I thought I would never be good at. I figure by my 60s I can have 20 years of practice under my belt! :)

xoxo Elizabeth

pve design said...

Wonderful! I am obsessed with the elderly who remain active and chic. Reading and learning something new at any age is part of what keeps us fresh and constantly cultivating change.
As always thanks for your comments.

MJH Design Arts said...

Thank you! "Nothing happens until somethings moves"...change provides the opportunity for growth; it is our choice whether embrace the challenge and the opportunity or stay stuck in the rut. Unfortunately, that rut can seen mighty appealing and unrut-like (I don't think that's a real word). I'm moving. That's exactly what I did today: went hunting for a new shop location.