Sunday, May 20, 2012

muse on

Just a few random things for you to muse on.
This diptyque figuier candle arrived on friday that I won from Vicki Archer.  
This is the magical view from my front door.  Go ahead and muse on that view.
The amount of rain has clearly left everything lush and green.
Here I am yesterday morning getting ready to attend an all day celebration.  Go ahead and muse on that.  I treated myself to a new frock.  The fabric is a crispy stretch cotton.  I love it.
Imagine how skilled I was at blowing my hair dry and taking a photo, if only I were skilled at keeping my eyes open.  I never seem to have them open for a photo.

Now muse on and enjoy your Sunday.  Oh, I am going here tonight to ABC home to hear Ingrid Michaelson.
I won tickets to this from a Bloomsbury Life.


Acquired Objects said...

Patrica your new dress is gorgeous, love the color. Personally I think you're very skilled to have taken a picture at all while blow drying your hair, you're very


Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Thanks for the musing moments.
Have a great one, Patricia!

Glamour Drops said...

That hair drying photo is a classic! And how beautiful a view from your front door. So lush!

the gardener's cottage said...

dear patricia, if i had all your talents, the last thing i'd worry about is combining blow drying, smiling and taking a pic of myself all at the same time! your dress looks pretty fabulous! xocesocol sedaan

the gardener's cottage said...

i see on my comment that i signed it with my word verification words.


pve design said...

Thanks. I always love your supportive comments.

Have a great sunday~ any writing?

Glamour Drops,
Classics never go out of style....even with eyes shut.
Thanks for your sweet comments.

you could sign any other name....and I would always know it was you, lower case you.

annechovie said...

Always the multi-tasker! Congrats on your beautiful new candle. You look lovely - have fun tonight. xx

vicki archer said...

Have a great Sunday Patricia... and thank you for the link... You look gorgeous in that dress... xv

LPC said...

I always knew you were a winner! Seriously, you look fantastic. The sense of humor is a great accessory too:).

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a fabulous time!

Purple Flowers said...

You look beautiful!!! Love the color and style of that dress. And the color of the candle looks so warm and inviting. I hope you enjoy the music! said...

you win more giveaways than anyone !!! I know you read more than anyone, so maybe that has something to do with. Or, maybe it's all the good karma you spread.

Also, love the tub in the background of your glamor shot.

MJH Design Arts said...

I think that you live in a little slice of heaven--so much green and beauty every where. Be well. Mary