Monday, May 14, 2012

monday motivation, industrious

The word industrious does have a darling ring to it.
So much more so than hard working.
 I have decided to surround myself with some diligent and determined spaces that conjure up productive
and hard working places to get the job done.  How simple yet efficient is this stainless 3 tiered working island or breakfast bar.
 This room has great style with the tiled wall and floor.  Did you spot the drain on the floor.  The basket under the stainless sink has such style.  How wonderful to do laundry or create simply stunning floral arrangements?  The stainless steel trash bin on the left is another touch of genius to keep the room tidy.

A proper linen closet with ample shelves for storing is rather charming yet hardworking.  I especially love the basket and the enamel bucket.    What items do you rely on to add an industrious charm to your home darlings?

Winner of Bethesda Fountain note-cards is Kwana randomly selected number 5. (I do not include myself)


ArchitectDesign™ said...

The efficiency of these spaces is just jawdroppingly elegant!

I Dream Of said...

Now I'm feeling motivated to be a bit industrious. Off I go to get something done. Thanks Patricia - wishing you a productive week! XO

Kwana said...

Aww how lucky am I? Thanks Patricia! I will save you some shipping LOL.

Anonymous said...

Love all the inspiring photos! Stainless steel is so very beautiful in a kitchen, but I have use English enamel wear for my industrial chic.

pretty pink tulips said...

I just picked up the newest Real Simple magazine....needing some organizational ideas now that I have a little more space.

I am loving that stainless steel island. The baskets toss in a bit of texture. Love the mix.

Hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day, Patricia!
xoxo Elizabeth

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

That stainless steel working island is great! Ingenious! It would be so useful and adaptable.

MJH Design Arts said...

I want that gorgeous linen closet. It reminds me of my Irish grandmother's closet--orderly, not too high or too deep for easy reaching and all white. Fun post.

Summer is a Verb said...

Or one's master closet ;)

ps...knew you'd appreciate the colorful Saint James selection!

BRASWELL said...

love all your images + stainless 3 tiered island in the kitchen is wonderful.

paula said...

such great spaces. wouldn't mind having them for myself!

How2home said...

love all the images! great post!

Dewi Novita said...

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