Monday, May 07, 2012

monday motivation -selfish pleasure

I have been giving lots of thought to living each day with a little self-gratification.
I give you permission to take a bit of time today and treat yourself to something purely selfish.
It's not that I wouldn't be all too happy to share my lunch but sometimes we all deserve to treat our selves to something special.
The above open face bacon-lettuce-tomato brought me great happiness on saturday.
Served on one of my royal copenhagen plates that I bought second hand for a song years ago.
The bits of shaved parmesan were tossed in the salad and dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.
Mind you, all this after a wee nap.  I awoke feeling flushed and re-freshed.
All this made me feel like a Queen, and I did it all by myself without any courtiers.
I was home alone.

Do you take time out to live by adding pleasures to your day?
What I am referring to, does not involve spending tons of money.
Why do so many people deny themselves time to live life with a little self-gratification?

Standing and eating or running and swallowing really don't do it for me.
What's your selfish pleasure?

What do you take time for in your day that brings you joy?


Cheryl said...

I am just beginning to do this. Just beginning to listen to my thoughts, my needs. After years of care taking, this is not easy. It will take time.
My camera time helps. Quiet helps. It will take time.
Thank you for your beautiful blog. (The salad today might be in my future)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Happy Monday! My guiltily pleasure with be a afternoon nap.....

The Buzz Blog said...

Reading blogs like yours and ignoring the pile of laundry that needs to be folded! Your plate reminds me of the ones we had growing up and your lunch reminds me to slow down and enjoy what I eat... Your Monday motivations are always spot on, PVE!

C & C

Mrs. Sutton said...

What a lovely post - and no, I do not take enough time out in my day just to savour the moment. The recipe looks delicious, and I suppose that it reminds me that cooking is the only time I zone out and slow down (as long as I am organised and have given myself enough time!)

I find it a real pleasure to try out new recipes for the family when there is no pressure to 'perform', however, I'm sure that my husband would claim that my guilty pleasure is rearranging the furniture - lol!
Paula x

Ivy Lane said...

Lovely post! I try to walk in the parkway 1 hour or more each day... It is best to do this prior to starting anything work related...If it does not go in that order, I tend to feel like I am squeezing in the walk..pressure mounts.. the other guilty pleasure is sitting in front of the computer reading all the wonderful blogs out there in blog land! Happy Monday!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

yum...quiet time all by myself is my treat. It's hard to come by with little ones but I'm a much better Mommy after some time to refresh

Paula Witzke said...
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Joyce said...

a simple walk among the trees is my pleasure. Of course a little nap now and then too. :) xo

Aspiring Kennedy said...

you make simple things look lovely... :) that BLT with parmesan & balsamic- perfecto! what a genius addition.

hmm... today i'm spoiling the mister. it's his thirtieth. just finished watching him get a turkish shave (complete with hot towels & foamy brushes)... now on to dinner! tomorrow, i'll treat myself when he pops into the office. :)

Dovecote Decor said...

I haven't been by to say hello lately, so that was a a personal pleasure. I have papers stacked to the ceilings, and went to take a "field trip" to meet somebody that sounded fun and creative. Talking to my girls stops me everytime. I came on the right day.

pretty pink tulips said...

Good for you!! I do not take much time to fix myself something healthy and delicious to eat. I know I should. Lately it's just been about "getting things done"....but my mom is coming this week and I always seem to do a better job when she's around. She is an amazing example and would applaud your using the fine china!! (even if you did get it for a song).

xoxo E

Lisa Mende said...

Patricia, my guardian angel, I received your beautiful card today! I cannot tell you what that meant to me! Please send me the address to your new studio...
Thank you again! Blessings! Lisa
you are a true gift to me!