Thursday, May 27, 2010

wherever you are

A window in a local village shop, "Summer wherever." I love that Summer can be wherever we are.
Wave Hill showing signs of summer.
My daughter will gather a collection from the garden and simply arrange them with such effortless nonchalance. Funny how a weed is a flower to a 10 year old.
When do we start to diferentiate?
"If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come." Chinese Proverb

Freshness of green, the singing of birds, hot humid air, 90 degree days, shorts, flip-flops and the release of routine are starting to show signs that Summer is wherever I go.

Wherever you are, Just a reminder to hop on over to "Cote de Texas" and leave a comment, last I checked there nearly 300 comments....I feel so fortunate to know that so many of you would love to win a little "pve" design, wherever you are this Summer.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

I love summer and hope I win a pve design painting. hope you are well.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I love summer and am loving your blog too.

Purple Flowers said...

I enjoy your comment re: your ten year old daughter picking flowers and weeds, and it's all good. The innocence and beauty of a young girl.

And a Happy Memorial Day weekend to you too!

Frau said...

Happy Friday! The only real signs of summer here is the amount of day light. We are so far north that it is still twilight after 10pm. I have such found memories of summer staying outside playing kick the can and cops and robbers until it was dark! Love summer for all the childhood memories!

Splendid Willow said...

The sun is shining on you dear! (Your drawing will be featured next week. About time!)

Got to go - need to put my name in the hat over at CTT!

A warm hug, Mon

Helen Young said...

I'm so glad it's summer. Although in Atlanta the heat by late July/August can be oppressive. But it's wonderful now and there is less of a schedule - yippee! My 14 year old starts his first job in two weeks so he will have a busy summer before high school. I adore the photo of your daughter's flowers.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Headed to the beach! Happy summer is right. Have a great weekend.

Mel said...

it was so delightful to meet you in person earlier this week - you are just as pretty and sweet as i had thought you'd be. i'm glad we got the chance to connect in person. enjoy the long wkend!

pve design said...

I love Summer too- thanks for all your kind comments
enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend -

Love your blog back!

Purple flowers-
yep, young girl keeps me spinning!
happy weekend.

sparklers, watermelon, lightning bugs and home-made ice cream are some of my favorite memories.

Splendid Willlow-
Thanks, I shall be sure to take a look at the post...of your fabulous home, my pleasure to do that work of art fo your splendid self!

yep, my boys are working, well one is a life-guard and the other is scouting for work.
the girl will be swimming and playing - like all 10 year olds should...
happy weekend.

wow, which beach?
I love the water....

Now, if you could share your work-out routine with me, that would be swell.
Happy Memorial day Weekend to you, monty and the big C.

pretty pink tulips said...

Summer - my favorite season! My bday is the first day of summer - so that always brings back great memories. I'll be at home - enjoying the kick off to the summer season. Hope you have a great MDW!

Kwana said...

I love the relaxed feel of summer just not the heat.

Debra said...

It's summer here! I host my cooking group later today-perfect day for what I have planned and a great start to a holiday weekend.
Hope yours is relaxing.

pve design said...

Pretty Pink Tulips,
I love summer b-days, my daughter has one and some other bff's too!
Enjoy the start of summer.

Wish I was there for your tasty day ahead. (oh and your b-day celebration too)

I know the heat can be hard, but I think I prefer it to shoveling snow?

La Maison Fou said...

Happy Summer to you too Patricia!

Enjoy the long weekend!


N said...

Yay! Summer! My littlest always brings me weed-flowers, which constantly reminds me I am far too judgmental most of the time. :)

rosiecampbell said...

Great sign! I love summer too.

pve design said...

love your one for summer----

The Zhush said...

Summer is my fave! How am I just learning of this fab giveaway now??? Going there ...bye!

The Buzz said...

I read somewhere that a weed is a plant that doesn't know its place - so here's to picking the weeds and making them part of your life!

VictoriaArt said...

So sweet the little jar with the "weeds"...

Happy M.D. weekend to you too!


BonjourRomance said...

Summer is so wonderful. Love how your daughter arranges her flowery finds so effortlessly. WIll head over to enter for the marvelous pve creation!
Happy weekend to you,

24 Corners said...

I just "hopped" over to C.d.T. Patricia...didn't know about the give-away, where have I been!?!

Love seeing the beginnings of summer start to stir...and I still think weeds are pretty....when they behave!

When are you coming over by the way? The stove and I are very excited to see you! ;)
Have a lovely weekend...

Rebecca said...

Your paintings are so amazing - they make me wish I could step right into the picture and make myself at home.

Have a happy weekend.