Saturday, May 01, 2010

off to the races

I immediately think of Leroy Neiman and his vibrant paintings that totally capture the sport and the thrill of the sport of horse racing. The use of bright color and bold strokes create a lively memorable work of art for me. My Mother gave me one of his books years ago and I bring it out to admire on Derby Day. There is something that I associate his work to my childhood in Louisville, bright, clear, jolts of color full of energy.
If you have ever attended The Kentucky Derby, the paddock is always an exciting area to visit, to see the beautiful horses and the fashionable people. This has to be one of my favorite paintings.
Just look at the stance of the man in the left hand corner, he is admiring his thoroughbred.
Jockey silks, white britches, crop, boots and cap, ready to saddle up and ride to win, place or show.
Churchill Downs is full of energy - which this painting certainly evokes. The track looks to be beautiful for those of you that are off to the races.
Good luck to each of the riders and their amazing rides.
Credit, all works of art are by Leroy Neiman.


JMW said...

Love Leroy Nieman's Derby prints! He's been a staple at Derby, looking dapper and sporting his famous handlebar mustache. Great post - we're having a Derby bash at home, which is probably better than being there today, b/c it's raining like cats & dogs! Happy Derby Day!

pve design said...

no- it is gorgeous here today, we are at home, shall be watching it on tele, and passing the hat for the derby pool.

Modern Traditionalist said...

Happy Derby Day to all of you. Today is also the Gold Cup Races here in VA. While my company is a sponsor, somehow I missed the boat on tickets!! Must've been due to that big boulder I was buried under for months.


pve design said...

better luck next time! Now climb up from under that boulder....I know the pain.

Ivy Lane said...

Gorgeous paintings!!! We are making our "picks" now for the races!!!! Happy Derby Day!

Kwana said...

Enjoy Derby day!

Mom on the Run said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I think it's hit a new low lately in my whining and complaining, but I don't do well with disarray and I've been in the midst of that for months (okay, actually years, on and off). My deepest sympathies on your upcoming reno. Whilst wonderful when it's done, it's a lot like childbirth.

Debra said...

You have the right idea- stay put where it's warm and sunny. I think there is a whole lot of rain going on ... what a shame.

VictoriaArt said...

What energetic paintings, so full of vibrancy of the race excitment.

One day we will attend!

Happy Derby Day!


little augury said...

what a fantastic race! with the mud and all, so exciting. Did you see the interview with Diane Lane & Penny Chenery-there is a Secretariat movie coming in the fall-it looks great. pgt

Elizabeth said...

love the paddock area as well.....the horses, the jockey's just gorgeous! one of the reasons i love living in kentucky

Summer is a Verb said...

Oooo the second painting is beautiful...XXOO