Monday, May 17, 2010

fall into place

Have you ever tried to just fall freely without a proper soft pillow to land on?

Several years ago, shortly after my web-site was up, I worked closely with a wonderful counselor who helped me to realize some clarity by adressing some long term goals. Writing down a plan is akin to landing on a soft pillow.

I encourage you to write down your fall ahead plan;

one month

six months

one year

When you write down your dreams and goals, be specific. This week, I shall be dedicating my posts to you, to those of you that have need inspiration with some sort of fall back plans.
Plans or an itinerary of sorts really does help one to adress any areas of defeciency. Tell me, are you working with a plan or just free falling? How about we work with each other and know that I have got your back. Fall away! Trust your intuition and tell me, what is your first goal for today?


The Zhush said...

uh oh...I am free falling, but a plan does sound like a much better way to go!

A Perfect Gray said...

stars. I can NOT believe this, Patricia. Writing down a plan/goals has been on my mind for DAYS. I have never really done it...a friend told me that as part of his son's eagle scout badge, his son had to write down his life goals. A daunting task for a 16 year-old, no? But my friend said it forced his son to look into the future, and better, into himself, and take stock in his strengths and dreams....

So valuable....yet rarely done, at least for me. You have given me the little boost I need to move ahead with my plan making, P, and I thank you so much.... Donna

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

I try to write them down, but somehow get sidetracked. However, you've given me great inspiration to write down my plans. I am in the mist of a living room redo, and NEED to write things down....I'm working my my moodboard now.

Barbara said...

Good morning, PVE!
Beautiful post, as usual.
Plans and
type/print minutes for a meeting.
select topic for a meeting tomorrow

make tea

Best always,
Barbara G

pve design said...

But I can bet you will be free falling in something so stylish - maybe even with the label Chanel?

A Perfect Gray-
Writing down a plan or goals at any age is admirable.
Looking back, on my goals and ahead, I can see the value of having a plan.

Oh, do show us your plans - love to see your mood board! Good luck with all your writing and planning.

Tea somehow makes the minutes and the tops flow more freely!
Enjoy your day and as always I appreciate your kind comments.

Helen Young said...

Good morning -
Your posts are always so thoughtful. I have that Tom Petty song in my head -

I'm mostly always free falling. A plan would be good.
1. call ADAC about wallpaper for a friend
2. clean house to get ready for a mothers breakfast at my house this week
3. get supplies for 8th grade son's graduation party on Friday
4. get ready for client meeting tomorrow
5. slow down and enjoy my children

Thanks Patricia!

pve design said...

I love that you have that song in your head to listen to while preparing such a thoughtful list.
It all sounds wonderful and that your children are free falling on you deserves celebration!

Frau said...

You are just the person to kick my butt in gear! I need to lose weight I have put on so much living here being isolated and a little depressed and lets not forget the chocolate and beer. I keep saying when I move back I'll join Weight watchers, a gym...etc..My husband says why wait? Start exercising now we have a gym in our house! WHAT! too lazy that's why. But I need too!

pretty pink tulips said...

Love that you've got my back (which I have felt already, by the way!). I'm working on the Paris itinerary, getting my oldest organized for summer camp and time with friends. xoxo

Kwana said...

My goal for today is to hit the grocery store. I know right? But yes, I do have a plan and writing goals. Having an agent helps with that. This week it's getting the mind right for the next step.

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Oh, I love a good plan. I'm approaching the end of my five year plan, put together when Max was just a year. The plan would get me to the place I needed to be (career wise) by the time he was in full day school. I have been amazed at how things have actually progressed as laid out, with a few twists and turns of course. But without the plan, who knows where I would be. Now I need to work on the next set of goals...thanks for the reminder!!

Shannon Morris (Georgia College Curator) said...

Thanks! I needed this very much.

So glad you are around to remind of the beautiful road that may lay ahead.

pve design said...

Amazing what a plan, what good tools and a support system can do to help one follow a good plan of action! WW is excellent!

Oh, yes the grocery - I went yesterday to make room for my plans today to paint! I even made my lunch, imagine that, a starving artist, NOT!

pve design said...

I imagine great plans from you are all apart of what makes your designs so thoughtful.

...and then there is always photoshop to change the course of the road...
No, I see a lovely road with moss laden trees - lots of humidity and good hair for you....tee hee.

home before dark said...

Being retired now for 15 years, (I jetted from the real world at 45), most days I get to fashion my daily do's from whole cloth. Today I am sanding down bathroom door to get ready to paint. About five things left to finish this room which was gutted and rebuilt this winter. It took me 24 years to get "round2it." It will be great to tick this one off the BIG LIST.Too wet to garden, so that means the rest of the day I'll have to clean house so my time will be mine when the sun shines. Have a lovely PVE-focused day.

pve design said...

home before dark.
really wish you would show us how you do it, from your painting, your wall, your garden, your books, all so full of intrigue. hope a blog falls into place in your future for our honor.

A Country Farmhouse said...

I live by 'to do' lists. I keep them daily, weekly and more long-term. If I write things down, I feel as I've giving myself a gentle nudge to keep going...keep trying.

The Buzz said...

While free falling sounds exciting, having a plan is always best - if you don't have GPS, how will you know if you're on the right path?

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Wow! I'm working through a five-year plan (on year three). the short-term goals aren't necessarily written down (unless it's sort of slap-dash in the daily agenda).

Maybe it's time to look at the trees AND the forest.

Anonymous said...

Hi. My part on this. I have always worked with plans sometimes even using tables and diagrams with the entire ms office suite---:)oh yes. Most of the things I achieved were also due to this plan freak mind of mine. Now I have changed slightly. I still write down things but mostly those that pertain short term projects that bill etc.In my mind my "art" projects are very finely "carved" or better, they are always there like little ghosts but I appreciate that the ideal way of working is to have those art projects are priorities..what a pity, most of the time they come second..but they are always there and mid june I have a new project and I will focus on that starting from late may.

red ticking said...

wow... this is always so hard for me... so i just live one day at a time... xx

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Amazing, I have just talked to someone about the same thing!! Glad we are in sync!

gina said...

I always loved the Tom Petty Free Fallin' song -but hate the feeling personally... too scary and unpredictable. I'm all for the goal setting. Today my sights are simple - to enjoy today & all my little people in it - my brand new babe and the 3 big boys who push and shove and argue over who is going to hold the baby next... when I'd like to just run and hide and keep the baby all to myself. Such high goals. To manage them all with a patient smile. That is today!!

A Perfect Gray said...

I'm back, P. You will be pleased to know I thought about my plan a lot throughout today. I've made some notes on my short-term (1 month; 3 - 6 months) goals, and longer term (one year, plus) goals. It's a great start. Thanks in large part to YOU...


LindsB said...

I'm totally free falling this week, but I hope to have a better plan in place soon. One positive thing is that I am starting to take design classes. My first one is drawing for interior decorating. I wish you lived close so I could get some one on one practice with the best!

pve design said...

A Perfect Gray-
Bravo! Now take your list one step further and look 5 years ahead, 5, then 10, then 15. How old will you be, what will you be doing, where will you be living.
Let me hear more about your plans and how they unfold.

pve design said...

Congrats to you! Hope baby Jack gets to come home soon!

Hello Lover... said...

This is exactly what I need right now! I'm at a crossroads in my life, and I think having a plan and some goals will help me to take some action and choose my path! I think I'll spend some time doing this tonight - thanks for the inspiration!

Pemberley said...

First of all thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I'm so glad you did because now I found yours! This post really struck a cord with me. I feel like I'm going forward, but doing a little too much zigzaging. Need to put it in writing and then tape it to the bathroom mirror.

Desiree Grosse said...

thank you thank you for your post...Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer ( I have NEVER smoked a day in my life! this is rare but does occur in only 10% of the Lung cancers...who knew!) this was even a surprise for my doctor. I will have a bronchoscopy & mediastinsopy next week to see what stage I have, and then surgery in two weeks. I just flipped 50 a few years ago, got re-married (after 20 years single) ...our 4 anniversary will be June 5 and we had "free falling plans"....have a plan, but it doesn't have to be set in stone...leave some room for the unexpected great notions a long the way kind of plan".
The last 2 weeks have been a roller coaster ride for us...then I read your post... and when you said "I got your back"...that...and I love you says it all. It pushes me forward with a smile and a warm hug. When my awesome hubbie says those words and hugs me I know I can move mountains those words. Cheers! Desiree

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Ms. Grosse,
Fight tooth and nail, never give up and conquer your cancer. It is no fun and an awful club to which to belong, too easy to get into and too hard to quit. You're going to be fine.
Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery and that first "clear" report.