Thursday, May 20, 2010

garden gadgets

The hard working hands of Joanna Reed - found here.
(introduced via reader Home before dark)

Garden spade from De Wit Store of Holland
I spy Pretty Pink Tulips for this reader
Pruning shears
Just yesterday, a comment from "Helen" telling me about one inspiring lady, Nancy Lancaster made me remember this wonderful book on my shelf. I began to think about garden gadgets and how one's tools can implement an entirely new lease on life in the flower bed.

my well loved watering can (pve photo)
Home before Dark (loyal reader) left a comment about Joanna Reed and I located a fabulous image of her hard working hands. Proof that a garden takes hard work and tools to make it flourish.

I am fascinated with those that can create such spot on gardens. Crafting a landscape, with a plan, and proper tools which are crucial to all creative aspects of life. An artist needs good tools, just as a gardener, moving dirt, pushing paint, manipulating life from a seed or an idea.
Are you planning on growing anything or do you have any seeds that are sprouting in your garden? What garden gadgets bring purpose to your garden? Do you have a favorite tool?

Thanks to all my readers, your comments catapult me into new directions, inspire me to appreciate each and every day. I am overwhelmed with inspiration and gratitude.


Purple Flowers said...

I love my pruning shears, my two trowels and my two hands. I also wear purple garden gloves. ;)
Great post Patricia!

Southern Lady said...

I love my pruning shears, too! It is amazing how most plants thrive after a good pruning. People are like that too! Carla

Michael B. Gordon said...


Thanks for your invitation to visit a garden near you. I don't know when I will be in your area next, but I plan to take you up on your offer. I'm afraid to mention my favorite tool because it will become cursed and lost in the garden for a year or two!

pretty pink tulips said...

Thank you for those beautiful tulips --- and the link! :) I love your watering can --- well worn from love and use!!! What a beautiful day!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

My must have is a pair of good gloves. I have tried many pairs just like goldilocks.
I have been looking for a watering can like yours. I think the flea market is calling me back.
Have a fabulous day!

Kwana said...

I love a nice garden spade and getting my hands dirty. I almost never use gloves. I'd rather be more connected to the earth.

Belle on Heels said...

people who can design landscapes are right up there with people who can compose music on my totally fascinated by list!

JMW said...

I love getting out in my flower beds, digging in the dirt. Good therapy.

Ideezine said...


Pruning shears, purple leather gloves, hat, kneeling pad, and collasping nylon bag are a must have for a full day in the garden. I love gardening. It's a Zen-Zone of meditation and good for all ages.

Thanks for the kindness of words re: My Mom's passing.


Frau said...

I'm not such a fan of my garden tools I have nothing fancy. But I'm looking forward to getting my garden decorations out of storage. I have a rustic flag, hooks for rustic hearts etc.. I love throwing those mixed in with flowers.

home before dark said...

Thanks for the Joanna Reed image. You might enjoy the book "Earth on Her Hands." As for tools, I have many and use few. My favorite tool for planting is a wee pick-axe looking thing. My favorite pruners are razor sharp small Coronas. They are light in the hand and good for most small pruning. And then there are my tree pruners. I like pruning trees (under 25'), because it is like creating sculpture.

p.s. Julia Child was once asked what was her favorite tool, and she said her hands.

The Zhush said...

This is making me want to get my hands dirty! Especially on this oh so sunny day!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Brown thumb and allergies to boot. That's Mrs. E.'s purview. I do find that the best tools in the garden are a strong back and short fingernails.

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

You know I have no garden tools! I'm pitiful. But I love those hands! Remind me of my great grandmother's. Truly. Brought tears to my eyes. Hope you are well.