Thursday, May 13, 2010


Discipline. Training. Work. Struggle. Exercise. Routine. Repetition. Craft. Method. System.
What words come to mind when you are following a "discipline?" I am deep into a work of art, under the brush to complete a project. Are you knee deep in a discipline?

I would love to take a day to just frolic and dance in the garden with all the birds.


La Maison Fou said...

Unfortunately; this seems to be a season of life full of discipline at the moment. At some point I think the dancing will come. Of course there are teaser minuets along the way......

I am also liking how the discipline brings me rewards and satisfaction, so for now I will take the rigor.

And yes; add time management, multi tasking, flexability and patience!


pretty pink tulips said...

With discipline comes reward. Those who put the work in are the ones who enjoy the relief when it's done. And, I know that for you, like me, the sun literally came out today. Horray!!!

Mrs. Blandings said...

No, but this helps. A nice reminder. YOU are always so focused.

JMW said...

Rigor. I wish this described my exercise routine, but that word would be "absent." Must dedicate myself to that fully in the coming weeks...

pve design said...

La Maison Fou-
I love listening to Bach during my discipline -
which keeps me focused as I imagine him composing with no heat, no lights but only his 5 senses engaged in the sound of music.

Pretty Pink Tulips-
Back to yoga which is really helping my sunny side.

phaw, focus pocus - you oughta talk!

I thought about rigor - lift that bale. tote that load...and climb back into an exercise rigor so that the Dr. will take note of your healthy self!
Dedication. Devotion. Discipline to just do it.

Ivy Lane said...

This post is right in my moment... I am trying to discipline myself from exploding ... (posted on this today)...sound like a bit of a whiner.. I am trying to keep from expressing something to a client..or two... and hopefully, with the discipline/restraint will come reward as "pretty pink tulips" reminds us! (thank you :) )

Hope you will post the piece you are working on!!

24 Corners said...

Two days in a row of someone trying to get my attention!
This morning there was a devotional message in my inbox and it was about *discipline*... much needed skill to focus on right now. After almost four years of building our's almost done, and I just want to dance in the garden!!!

The image is beautiful...

Debra said...

Keeping a schedule helps me. Using a timer, limiting the amount of time at a given task-it all helps! However- during these past two weeks while my DH has been away-I've been pretty laid-back. Back to my routine come the new week.

Joyce said...

Discipline is a good thing I know I need it at times. Oh dancing through the garden sounds heavenly even with all the rain we have been having. xo

Purple Flowers said...

Discipline in many forms is good for one's constitution. Yet, the balance of that is frolicking through the patch of purple flowers.