Sunday, May 16, 2010

sunday shelf -choices

Sunday is one day where I try to live "choice" free. It can be overwhelming, all the possibilities amongst all the choices bombarding each one of us on a daily basis. Do you have a project that has been stalled, all because of one's inability to choose? I can help!
A prospective client e-mailed wanting me to sketch up her home proposing a "choice" with either a front or side porch before her husband (the contracter) began the job or before he totally shelved the project due to her lack of ability to choose. Can you relate?
Choices. So many choices that it makes it hard to decide.
A few weeks ago, a friend and neighbor (with amazing style) called "me" for some "choice" ideas for her daughter's room. She was thinking of a "blueberry " color for the walls and I chose "Ikat" for the fabric. I felt so thrilled that she did not know "Ikat." The teacher in me felt thrilled to educate and share my passion for textiles.
The above "Ikat" works well with blue or white walls.
Another friend slash client asked about some desk accessories and if I had a go to spot for just the right acoutrements. I went to her home and we found some fun items amongst her possessions to re-purpose for holding pencils, paper-clips, stamps and business cards.
A guest bedroom became a home office in no time and some simple choices made a project complete.

Then - a Mom rang with a request for some tips on planning a party on budget - after a local spot gave her a crazy estimate for having a party in the restaurant. She still would have to bring all the beverages and decorate. The party planned at home was so much more intimate and far less expensive.

Do you have a project that is on the "shelf" and needs some clear direction? Too many choices clogging your brain? I can provide clear illustrations or gather images to help organize, transform or start some project that needs a push or just the right touch? Happy to provide this as a service to you, just e-mail me. My contact is right on my site here. Now only if I could help my twin sons make the right college choice, but we know that there is more to it than my draw or my choice.

Have a choice free Sunday.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

I feel like I have too many choices all the time! Today I was daydreaming that all I had to do was garden and cook. LOVE the ikat choice, I never tire of it. Lucky friend to have you as the teacher.

pve design said...

Editing is the key! I think the best artists and designers have the key when they make the final choice.
Edit, Edit, Edit is my mantra.

Maman de trois petit rois said...

Patricia, the images are lovely... and you are correct about edit, edit, edit.... in everything!

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Oh Patricia,

I wish you were my neighbor. I've been stalled for months because of all my choices and my inability to make the right one. Now, I'm pulling triggers left and right. Wish you could pop by to tell me I'm on the right track or off the beam. Loved this post. You are one talented lady....


VictoriaArt said...

Great choice for a Sunday subject!!!
I can relate. Editing is key!
And I often make desicions by eliminating.


Debra said...

I'm all for editing-the key to so much! Now I see that we should add party planner and set-design to your already growing and fabulously chic repertoire. Starting around 2~ by all means we'd love your tart and panzanella salad!!! It's a perfect day here for dining outside and riding scooters.

Frau said...

I'm mentally planning all my new home redo's. I hate all my furniture and want to change my style ....need to win the lottery. Have a wonderful Sunday!

pve design said...

One choice would be just to start all over, afresh -
the other would be to swap out one old for one new.
I love mixing styles. Happy to help when you are state-side!

Barbara said...

I love that wrap around porch.
When it comes to "choice" it seems quite a few people are seeking out your choices, PVE.
Sunday, or taking time to "clear the head" is kind of a relaxation and often that's when an idea surfaces.
Is ikat the new toile?
It's a sunny Sunday in NY.

traci zeller designs said...

Too many choices are tiring! With you as their mom, I feel sure your twin boys are well-equipped to make the right college choice. We're still in preschool at my house, but I'm already worried about kindergarten!

Style Chronicle said...

One of the blessings of living in our culture is that we have so many choices before us. Our ancestors and many others around the world did/do not have such choices. The blessing of choice can sometimes act as a curse in that we have so many before us we are paralyzed in making a final decision. It is good to remember that there are often many "right' choices" and at some point me must just go with one!

pve design said...

Sometimes I line up the choices and then order by preference and then make the cut!
Editing is key!

I think that Ikat and Toile never really go out of style.
They are both classics in thier own right.

LindsB said...

Love the ikat fabric you picked out for your friend, I think its the perfect choice!

Summer is a Verb said...

Luuuv Ikat! Yeah, you def should think about the Calypso jumpsuit by your friend Virginia...XXOO

style-for-style said...

love that IKAT! do you know where it is from?

bentley said...

I bet the Ikat couch looked fab against a blue wall. Love that.