Monday, February 22, 2010

mad hungry

Yesterday, my family was re-united after each other's respective vacations. My twin sons were in Utah (skiing) with their dear Auntie and we hopped down to Florida for a little warmth with our girl and then back for a weekend of ski racing. I arrived home to a bulging mailbox, laundry and to some mad hungry men & boys. Good thing that the above cookbook arrived in the mail from "Allie von Summer is a verb." She knew that my sons were celebrating a birthday and that I - their mother would need "Recipes, Strategies & Survival Techniques" which is a definite must for any family with men & boys.

So as I continue to sooth the savage beast with guy gastronomical feasts, as well as calm my inner crank with some green tea and wade through the laundry, I give thanks for appetites and a blog that feeds my creative soul. I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am for each of you, your generosity, humor and saving me from going completely and utterly mad while I keep all the balls in the air. My job entails raising a family, building my business, surviving a looming renovation and being the grown-up and tell my man that "Let's not go out, Let's eat at home!"

There is truly nothing like the Family Meal to keep a family from going mad hungry!
Cheers for family meals. Do you eat as a family or on the fly?


Debra said...

Always, always, always!!! Such an important way to round out the day and to connect. Here it's the best part of the day. Candles lit and a time to relax and share stories.

style chronicle said...

We try to eat dinner together several nights a week. It is quite an amusing experience with two three year olds and a four year old! I am glad to know about that cook book. I will have two hungry teenaged boys before I know it!

holly goes lightly said...

glad to have you back from the warmer climes and hope the sun was exactly what you needed. but just in case you haven't had quite enough yet, i've awarded you some additional 'sunshine' on my blog this morning -- pop over when you get a chance to catch your rays!

Helen Young said...

A good friend of mine just recommended this cookbook to me. Her boys love it and they like to cook from it - yay! (Burns off some of that boy energy) I must get it soon - my boys are 14 and almost 13.
I've tasted a few of the recipes and they are yummy.

Marija said...

I love this post! Such an honest peak into a fellow busy bloggers life - always love that! We try to eat at home together during the week because I know this will be so much more difficult as the kids get older. At 4 and 8, their favorite place is still home. And I'll absolutely savor that as long as I can!

Always on the hunt for good recipes. May need to peruse that book...


The Zhush said...

Sadly, on the fly all too often, as a family is of course the best. Know all too well how the onslaught of real life can hit like a ton of bricks after some lovely time away! Hoping your having a "less cranky" day today!

Kwana said...

Not always but when we can. I have a boy that is always Mad Hungry!

Elise said...

Ohe fly I'm afraid ! But aren't boys ALWAYS mad hungry ? Even when they've eaten ? Have a great week

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Good for you!!! What a fun book---I think my fiance would love if I picked up a copy. You see, I'm an absolute disaster in the kitchen, but am doing my very best to work on it. Thankfully I have women like yourself that do it all to inspire me! XOXO

Kerry said...

Mostly sitting down together. Tough with two, sometimes four teenagers. It is so hard to find a recipe that provides the volume of food needed for those crazy hungry boys that isn't some sort of all mixed up slop.

home before dark said...

At 24 inches long and only 7lbs and few ounces, my husband, as his mother recalled, was born hungry. His worst days were in college where the fraternity LOCKED the fridge over night (I guess they knew their population). At our wedding reception, complete strangers would say to me, "Well, I sure hope you like to cook!" Now that we are a twosome again, I still marvel at his ability to eat so much and stay so thin. Genetics are powerful things. Wish mine had been taller.

annechovie said...

I am glad you got a little get-away, Patricia. Now you have the fun part of the built up laundry...and a million other things! I hope you have sunshine in your day - thanks for always providing a nice little respite for all of your blogging friends. XO

AB HOME Interiors said...

What a great way to start my day! Great post!

Karena said...

I agree, I am up way to late, or if I skip an evening am back at it in the morning. Connecting with friends is the best!

JMW said...

We always sit down to dinner as a family each night. Although, it's sometimes a circus with our 2 year-old, but we're trying. Now, I just need to make more homemade meals, rather than order take-out!

Deidra said...

Family meals are sacred. I believe that from the bottom of my heart.

Purple Flowers said...

We eat as a family, although we don't have children w/activities. Growing up we almost always had dinner as a family. My parents thought it was important for the end of day.
Happy for you that you had a sunny getaway, and that your sons had their passion for skiing.

Joyce said...

It is the two of us and so it is easier for us eat together. xo

PS thank you for getting back to me. I'll send you an email soon.

Tish Jett said...

Well, lucky me. I just found you.

What a funny, stunning, sophisticated blog you have.

I'm a fan. Fabulous.

Is that photograph of you? Don't tell me you're chic as well as all the rest?

Warm regards,

Hill Country House Girl said...

We try, try, try to sit down together and eat dinner as often as possible. It is a challenge with night meetings and a teenager's activities, but so important. Thanks for your comment on Hill County House - I wish you had been in the passenger seat - then I could have driven around the block as many times as needed and you could have sketched to your heart's content!

Hamptontoes said...

I love cooking and truly enjoy making great meals to feed my family. Since our kiddies are young (3 & 1), we always eat as a family...even if it's inhaling it before they get antsy! I imagine as they get older it gets harder with sports/activities to come together on a nightly basis to eat. Let us know if any recipe in the book is an absolute must make!

Chic Coles said...

Try to eat as a family. I hate to eat on the sofa.

Traci Zeller Designs said...

Does this mean my twin boys will actually start eating again? Something more than cereal bars and chocolate milk for H and pasta with a LOT of cheese for C? Oh, and only the expensive Parmesan will do for C. No green Kraft shredded in this house! :-)

VictoriaArt said...

What a lovely post!
You do a great job juggling all your tasks...
We have dinners together, often at home or sometimes out, but we try to eat together!
Usually I love to cook, but I have days, where I refuse...
But I know a bit about hungry boys and man too!


Anonymous said...

It is hard, isn't it! You are the glue though. And it is not always easy to be the glue! Enjoy your tea and a good post! I know I enjoy your posts!

N said...

What a fun book!
Family dinner is religion in this house. No tv, maybe a little music in the background, some silliness allowed. I will come to you for tips when my boy grows to be Mad Hungry. :-)

Emily said...

Oh, it's so hard to be a grown up sometimes and say, "We're eating at home!" Do the men and boys realize that we're then choosing to work so hard to prepare, cook, and then clean the lucious dinner we prepared?! I think deep down they do. What a great cookbook - will have to check it out!
By the way, the princess party was wonderful, and everyone adored your illustrations. I will send you a copy of each version!

Summer is a Verb said...

Pshaw..was the least I could do...XXOO

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