Thursday, February 25, 2010

life support

"Family Life" William Glackens 1912
Each week, I meet with a group of ladies to knit, to taste and to talk of life. I really truly feel that they provide some sort of life support. The issues we face are there for each of us, as we grapple with juggling life, fashion, finances, interiors, knitting, children, husbands, teens, illness, politics, education, exercise and love. (Mind you not in any order.)
John French Sloan, "Women drying their hair - Ashcan Group of Painters
I began this group a few years ago out of wanting a dedicated time to create, to knit and to come together with other ladies. Each of us are unique individuals bringing a richness to our tapestry with a variety of yarns and tales. The stories we share, the challenges we face, be it aid in deciding the next family meal or next new book or hair style, we thrive in all the seasons. When a storm hits we take shelter and each feel the neglect of nourishment that we garner as a group.
John French Sloan Studio (and friends)- Ashcan school of painters 1900's
All of this leads me to wanting to lead a tutorial of sorts for other ladies (and gentlemen) with some sort of inspiration to design a sort of group or creative passion that can add support to your life. Would you pay for tutorials or a series of classes on line to aid you to take steps toward fulfilling your dreams of perhaps a creative endeavor. Lately, I am in awe of my readers and the many e-mails that I receive on wanting to begin a creative venue and need to know where to begin. Tell me if you would be interested in an on line class and what would you like to learn to add support to give you the encouragement to start something new.
What are you waiting for to live the life you deserve and want?

Grateful to each of you and your comments and your support.


Debra said...

Sounds like a good idea. I'm always looking for venues where women {and men} can share ideas and gather inspiration from one another. I love these two paintings you've shared here. Please keep us up-to-date on how your idea progresses.

Joyce said...

I like this idea. Does this mean you have something in the mix going on?
Actually last week I started my first online class not only to learn, but to go a step further. For me to learn something most of the time I need to be shown, so it is difinitely stretching my brain cells and rewarding. smile... xo

Kwana said...

Wonderful post. You know how much I love our group and how we all support each other. I'm all for your tutorials.

vicki archer said...

It sounds like a wonderful idea; we all need support and encouragement at different times of our lives. xv

Tish Jett said...

Intriguing. I'm sure you'll tell us more. . .

In the meantime, I loved your love story. When life gets complicated, as it always does, you know you have that (I do as well) -- someone to lean against and hold when we feel as if we might fall over. (Hmmm, a husband raised in France -- sounds like the perfect melange.)

As I said before your blog is absolutely enchanting and your art draws one in and makes us feel something.

Warm regards,

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

I am so happy you can meet with a group of friends like that! My friends are spread all over Atlanta, it isn't an easy thing to get together, so I am especially pleased for you that you can weekly. I love the paintings and images, lovely, they ring true to the spirit of what you convey.

Tara said...


I know a wonderful blogger who is doing this with a photography course if you are interested, I am really thinking of doing it!

Karena said...

Patricia, I still love to take art classes, there is a synergy and excitement about working on a project with other artists!

Emily said...

This sounds so cool. I would be interested!

Kelley said...

Have you ever read the blog Makeunder My Life? The author, Jessica, has a lot of great posts on taking steps to live the life you want. "Living with intention," as she calls it.

You might wanna check it out. :)

pve design said...

Yes, I love Jess, we had dinner when I was in Chicago - there to illustrate a wedding.
Be well, let me know when your winning package arrives.