Sunday, August 01, 2010

sunday shelf - love

Signs of love on the rocks slowed me down this morning and made me smile.
hello bentley
Warm rays of dappled sunlight cast thier luminous glow to show me more love.
Even the chair spoke to me and said, come sit and let me give you some slow love.
It sure helps to slow down long enough to see signs of love around you.
It also helps to have this book to read today.
What signs of slow love are on your Sunday shelf?


Barbara said...

Good morning, Ms. PVE,
Have a wonderful Sunday in New York!
Best wishes,

Lisa said...

That is the best kind of love on the rocks.
Have a beautiful & slow Sunday.

pve design said...

It is a gorgeous day here!
Enjoy your day dear friend.

We need to meet here or in KY!
Enjoy your day slowly~

Laura Casey Interiors said...

That book is waiting for me in upstate NY. Can't wait to read it!

Purple Flowers said...

One of my slow down favorite Sunday books is "Live Good" compiled by Kobi Yamada. It awakens ones spirit to what is really important in life.
Love it!
Happy Sunday to you and family.

pve design said...

Hope we have chance for a slow visit when you come to NY.

Purple flowers,
I will add "Live good" to my stack.
Enjoy this beautiful day-

pretty pink tulips said...

Good morning!!! What a treat to see you last night --- today, I woke up slowly with a cup of coffee....enjoyed a long walk with a friend. Headed to the beach with my guys. Slowing down to read Cutting for Stone today. But, slow love....on my radar.

xo, Elizabeth


The idea of a slow Sunday... hw I wish ! It's the only day of the week where I can catch up from last week and prepare for the next... slowly, or course ! But I would love to have one day off....

pve design said...

Elizabeth- (pretty pink t)
Great to see you- too.
Enjoy your Sunday full of slow love.

Elise-(ballet news)
I know, Sunday should be a day to take slow and let all the catching up be pushed to Monday. I am making my list of "to do's" now.

Ivy Lane said...

OHHH!! I did not know this book is out now! must go get it. Ms. Browning is a fabulous writer! I have her garden books... adore them... Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Patricia...

Stacey said...

It's great to slow down and enjoy nature. It looks like you had gorgeous weather.

Style Chronicle said...

There is nothing more self nurturing and self indulgent in my stage of life than curling up with a good book. I am currently reading Cutting for Stone and I highly recommend it. BTW, our dog is named Bentley too!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

It is beautiful looking here but unbearably hot! We hit 99 today and expect the same all week! Had a lazy Sunday with breakfast at home, reading magazines then a bbq for at dinner! Enjoyed my first visit to your blog and I will be following!

Cynthia said...

My daughter asked me today (she's 6) if it was national LOVE day today! I said to her, isn't everyday!!!


Anonymous said...

The dappled light, is so beautiful!

bentley said...

Ive been wanting to read that book. How is it? Love the rocks... and your reminder to slow down and soak in the love.