Wednesday, August 11, 2010


"All that glitters is not gold." proverb
Confetti literally translates to "sweets" as it was originally candy thrown at weddings.
My ten year old would love waking up in the land of glitter.
She can never quite get enough sparkly glitter or rainbow sprinkles on ice cream.

Is it just a girl's thing, but do you love glitter too?


bricarwaller said...

Oh how I love glitter. I refer to myself as a glitter girl all of the time. Have you seen the glitter paintings on the Martha Stewart website? Very cool!

Anonymous said...

sparkles light up a dull day!

Ms. Bright said...

I have a love/hate relationship with glitter. Like the idea of it. Like the look of it. Want to hoard loads of tiny bottles of it all lined up on a shelf somewhere. HATE that it gets everywhere! I still curse whomever wore red glitter to our Halloween bash, as I am still finding it...9 months later!
But it's very pretty and sparkly, yes.

Style Chronicle said...

I am not a glitter girl but both of my daughters are! I do agree though there is something in our DNA that craves a bit of bling. Have you seen the Kate Spade heels that are covered in multi-colored glitter?

pve design said...

I shall take a look at the glitter paintings on the martha site-thanks!

two hippos,
sparkles do have a way of adding "bling" to a boring day.

I hear ya, me too, i have a love hate relationship too. I like it but it has a way of lingering long after the party.

love those Kate Spade pumps, all that glitter on the dance floor - they would be fun on New Years!
(you and i will be plain janes with out glitter next to the glittterati)

The Buzz said...

I can definitely say (after asking my boys!) that glitter is a girl thing unless you're Brad on Rachel Zoe!

Liz, Viive and Benji said...

My girls all had glittery phases. Thank god its over, they seem to stick to everything--agreed with the forum, but I will look at the Martha Stewart glitter pictures.

Anonymous said...


Gramercy Home said...

But of course! How can you be in a bad mood with a little glitter glistening around you?!?

pretty pink tulips said...

Love these pics! I do like glitter...but little touches. Not gobs. Like many things....a little goes a long way!
xo Elizabeth

Visual Vamp said...

Yes I do!!!
The glitter sticks in the floor boards starting at Christmas, and builds to a crescendo during Carnival season, and during these dog days of August when one is feeling blah, one will spy some glitter still sticking around reminding us that cooler days and fun filled nights are coming.
xo xo
PS My Hippie name is Sparkle Plenty

red ticking said...

LOVE glitter... and wish i had little girls to play in it... ok, well, i will! xx

Barbara said...

Glitter is glam.

LindsB said...

I love glitter, there is something about it that just makes people smile

Aspiring Kennedy said...

of course i love it! :) my friends jokingly call me "the bedazzler." haha! i should grow past it, but i like indulging in the little 9 year old inside that loves it.

Tiffany said...

Fred Flare has multi-colored glitter nail polish that could be lots of fun! It's SO not me and yet I want it myself. Oh, and the new Elaine Turner gold glitter flats. Maybe I am a glitter girl.