Wednesday, August 25, 2010

rosy cheeks

Compliments give me rosy cheeks.
I can't help it, I blush so easily.
With the Fall season en route, I shall miss all the profusion of Summer blush pink blossoms along with the
ruddy cheeked students who leave for college, a little pink behind the ears, excited to open new doors to the love of learning.
Before school starts, one last party al fresco.
There is something so sweet about this pretty and pink innocent patio.
A last slice of watermelon anyone? A final glass of rose wine?
Let's toast to Summer's finale!
Closing the door to pink and to summer.
Perhaps I have been eating too much pink cotton candy.
Too much of a good thing makes me feel a bit queasy so I reach for the pink pepto-bismol bottle. Gulp.
Blame it on the pink peppermint salt water taffy.
Add some orange to spice things up and I am feeling so much better.
Love the merry orange rug below.
There, I feel better already. Did you see this brilliant room?
All that pink was a bit like a sugar high.
Too much of a good thing.
A nap on this pink pillow would be sweet dreams.
Are you feeling as rosy as I after all this pink?

Do you blush over the littlest compliment?
Thanks to Seleta
(check our her new and improved blog)
to the ladies at Diane James Home.
Thanks for my rosy cheeks today.


Gretchen said...

Such a sweet and rosy post:) I adore all the pictures. (and the captions) Yes, I tend to blush. I can't wait for fall. It makes me giddy. Have a great day. --Gretchen O.

The Buzz said...

If compliments make you rosy cheeked, you must be blushing all the time! Thank you for taking part in our Q & A - we love your work!

Purple Flowers said...

I tend to blush after a compliment. The pink photos are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images. I think I'm rather English about complements, so delighted inside - probably a little rosie on the outside too!

Gramercy Home said...

Patricia, such beautiful images this morning! I'm a total "blusher" too so I appreciate this post all the more!

Lauren said...

Loved this Patricia!! :)

you deserve all the compliments in the world.

Kwana said...

Such a pretty pink post. So needed on this dreary day. Thanks.

pretty pink tulips said...

Good Morning!

This post really speaks to me!!! Pink is my color, after all! I love all the accolades you have received. They are truly deserved!!! And, yes, my cheeks tend to get a little rosy when complimented. :)

xo Elizabeth

ACH said...

I, too, get rosy with compliments! I'm not usually a PINK person (I like the color, but it's not a way of life for me), but these pictures are just great!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog; I loved reading all your comments!

bricarwaller said...

Pink is not generally my signature color(insert southern accent)! But this post makes me admire all of it's beauty, especially paired with orange. Your post is divine:)

Visual Vamp said...

OMG my nickname for many years was "rosy cheeks"!
Adorable post.
xo xo

JMW said...

This reminds me of my littly boy, he's such a little Irishman with his rosy cheeks!

Southern Lady said...

Love all of the pink! Carla

StarletStarlet said...

This is definitely my favorite post today! All these blush just took me to a light and fluffy and smile all day land.

Privet and Holly said...

Your fun
post has put
the roses back
in MY cheeks;
better than a
cup of tea for
the perfect pick
me up! All the
pics are lovely
and I am not surprised
that the kudos
are flowing, Patricia!
Happy Day : )
xx Suzanne

meg duerksen said...

all that pink is beautiful!

The Zhush said...

I am such a "blusher"....and this post was so fun and pretty...if I tell you more about how much I adore, will you blush at the end of my comments...for sure? ;)

A-M said...

Such a pretty post... so summery and light. Love the first painting. I'm a blusher too. A-M xx

La Maison Fou said...

Such true words. I could not agree more with you!

Think Pink!

Have a great end of summer, PVE.


24 Corners said...

I loved this post...the first picture is wonderful...what a great portrait. Beautiful images and a fun read...except the thought of Pepto Bismal made me a little queasy. xo J~

El said...

Just found your blog and it's beautiful!

Anna Spiro said...

Such a lovely pink post Patricia!! You know how much I love pink. Love your rosy cheeked gal too!!


Kara said...

Beautiful images...and I am absolutely obsessed with the orange rug in the salon picture. Do you have any idea where I could find it? Is it in a magazine or a catalogue or a website? I must have it! If you can help me locate it, that would be so wonderful:) Thanks!