Saturday, August 28, 2010

sleep on it

My Mother always told me there was nothing like a good night's rest or to "sleep on it" to make it all better. She would always tell me that hunger or lack of sleep were the root of most problems. Funny how Moms are such hands on experts.
Even funnier is that I have passed this down to my children, telling them they are hungry or tired. Nothing like a good nights sleep.
The ladies at Gramercy are also sleep experts.
Can you imagine devoting yourself to a business of "sleeping on it."
I love how one's own dreams take shape and I welcome "Gramercy" as a new sponsor.
Sleeping late will have new meaning now.
Take a look at the site here and the blog here.
top image from here


Gretchen said...

If I had that bed, I would NEVER wake up:) congrats on the new sponsor. --Gretchen O.

Jo said...

I am certain that I would have better dreams if I wore pink tutu :)

Have a wonderful weekend ~

pve design said...

I wish I could sleep late, perhaps I need new dreamy bedding and a pink tutu.

yes, that is true!
sweet dreams,

Anonymous said...

stunning bedlinen, one could not help to have a good nighs sleep.

pve design said...

two hippos,
yes, pretty bedding with a cozy quilt makes me sleep like a baby!
happy times to you -

Living In Art said...

Love Gramercy.

kayce hughes said...

I wish that your mother lived in Nashville.

christi @ grey umbrella said...

i want to sleep in a pink tutu!! i just sent my nieces a few tutus for their birthdays and i can only imagine them falling asleep in them! how fun!

DolceDreams said...

Sooo true! Love that first shot...


Divinely gorgeous ! That first photo..... inspired !

Leah said...

Oh yes a good's nights rest makes everything better!


Lisa said...

Looking forward to diving right in. What a wonderful sponsor and very fitting of your blog!
Have a restful weekend.

pretty pink tulips said...

How adorable is that first image?! LOVE IT!!!
My favorite expression in college was.."I have so much to do, I'm just going to bed". Sometimes, there's too much to do and nothing but a good night's rest can fix it!

Maria Killam said...

So true, love the first image it's adorable!!

Style Chronicle said...

So true!! All looks brighter in the morning. Love those great Gramercy girls!!

My Notting Hill said...

Agree w/Jo - love the pink tutu. Now - off for a good night's sleep.

Linda said...

Beautiful bedding! We recently bought new bed, new linens, the works! We have never slept better!
Pink tutus and little girls ... nothing cuter!
Linda @ bushel and a pickle