Thursday, August 26, 2010

can do

"An artist cannot do anything slovenly." (Jane Austen)
mug found here on etsy from "Brookish"~
I am here to tell you that an artist can so do things slovenly but end up hating it and then having to start all over again.
Is it me or are all artists our own worst critics? There is a fine line of cannots and can toos.
I think I need this mug as a reminder that a cannot can so easily be transformed into a can too.

Are you a cannot or a can do?
Let's not let a bit of anything slovenly cramp our style.


Gretchen said... depends on my mood:) I can't imagine throwing away ANY of your work! I totally understand being my own worst critic...I can ALWAYS do better, or wish I had, or find someone who can. WIll take your advice be "can do" and throw myself into the next project and "hopefully" be thankful for the creativity that I have been blessed with and be happy with it:) --Gretchen

La Maison Fou said...

True words sister!

At least I find it to be so in life, work and play!


ACH said...

Three cheers for this mug! I learned early on that it is always easier to do it right the first time. I wish I could always remember that rule, though!

pretty pink tulips said...

I have nothing but awe and admiration for artists. I can only imagine the inner struggle through to produce one's best work. Striving to do ones' best ----I guess that is a goal many of us strive for.

Deep thoughts today, Patricia! :)

Living In Art said...

I totally understand your thoughts. We are our own worse critics! ~Tina~

Studio 13 said...

So true. But I have finally figured out that I always HATE what I am working on until it is completely finished, so I work on it until I fall in love with it, and then I know I'm done! said...

I'm a can do, but usually end up seeing only the mistakes in what I do. Although my projects are never perfect in my eyes I find great satisfaction is doing creative things--it's my therapy :)


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oscar Wilde was trying to live up to his 'blue china' -you can strive to live up to your artist's mug! charming idea :-)

Suburban Princess said...

My husband's brother's wife is an artist and she is the most slovenly person I can think of...maybe it's just most artists :O)

Hope you are having a great week!

Style Chronicle said...

You are too hard on yourself! You do all things with excellence!!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

LOVE this mug, and my dad and I were just talking about this, and then I was talking about it with the kids. Having pride in what you do, taking the time to do something well, making the effort...and then being kind on yourself when the effort is not perfect.


Dana said...

You read my mind exactly. I see nothing but beauty in others' work, but flaws in my own.

We are our own worst critics ... and I am afraid nothing is going to change that. It is in our genes. :0

Know that I see everything you do as fantastic!!!


Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

I always have been and always will be my hardest critic, something I wish I could get over.
I remember when I would do a painting in college I would just sit and roll my eyes if my teachers raved about them...'How can they like this?!?' were my thoughts.
I am getting better with my design work, I find that having this trait only makes me strive to do better each and every time. xo

Loui♥ said...

my work space looks messy to others..
but to me, everything I need is within reach,,
my finished products are crisp and worthy of gifting, or being sold..
oh but parting is such sweet sorrow..
bittersweet even!
warm sandy hugs..

North of 25A said...

Creating something from nothing takes a leap of faith; there are no mistakes only experiences. At least that is what I tell myself when I am not in a funk of perfectionism!

bricarwaller said...

I'm loving this mug. I think we can be slovenly but definitely hate it! I fall in the "can do" category. I'm always ready for the next project, full speed ahead. And at my house the slovenly part comes in when the laundry starts getting backed up because of my current creative endeavor!.

annechovie said...

Great mug! I love Brookish.

Kwana said...

I love this mug!