Monday, April 26, 2010

change of face

Lady Gaga goes Kermit Green
With so much talk the past months of the economy and of Lady Gaga, it seemed only appropriate to give Lady Gaga a spot on the cover of a one dollar bill.
100 dollar, Ben undergoes the least change of face
Last Saturday, while driving into the city, I happened upon an interesting topic on the radio, about the change of face of the American currency. A noted NY plastic surgeon was on pointing out the many differences with the "new money." Certain measures to further protect the security of our dollar against fraud have been taken and changes to the actual faces have undergone a sort of "surgery" or had a mere "face lift" while under the knife.

The plastic surgeon said that Ben Franklin had undergone the least amount of changes while the other faces had been changed, botox to the brow, slimmer jawline, puffy eye bags reduced, receding hair lines given hair and an overall slimmer more youthful appearance. Quite honestly, all these years and I grew rather fond of these famous fellows. What's up with the change of face, just to meet the needs of our youth obsession?

Tell me, how do you feel about the change of face? What are we telling our fore-fathers? Stay tuned this week, for the topic will be all about shekels, dinero and moo-la and spare change. What would you like to know about change? What woman would you like to see in your wallet?


Joyce said...

Oh no I actually like the men that I have known to slip through my fingers at times.
If the green stuff is to take on a new look- I would like to see one of these women sporting green.
Clara Barton, Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison, Eleanor Roosevelt
Alice Paul or Rosetta Wakeman. xo

The Zhush said...

Wow! Is that your own illustration of Ms Ga Ga? :) Thanks for the early am smile!

pve design said...

not my illustration, but found on line. I need to link it back - to the greenback!

Purple Flowers said...

Amelia Erheart (sp. may be incorrect for last name).

Debra said...

I heard about this! A little nip-tuck for the old boys... All great suggestions here for women.

pve design said...

Like your choice of ladies.

The Shiny Pebble said...

That is crazy. This is the first I hear. Awful! Where are we going with this? As if the media didn't put enough pressure on us to look a certain way, now even our forefathers are made to look younger than they were. Preposterous! Woah!! I seem to have stepped onto my soap box while still half asleep...

VictoriaArt said...

Gosh, I love that post!
It's more then high time to put woman on the face of the bills.
Amelia Erhard, Louisa May Alcott,
Anne Hutchinson, Rosa Parks...
Joyce mentioned more...
And face lifts, how awful! I like the old guys the way the were!
The only other problem I have with the green stuff:
It runs out so fast! Can one make it slower???


ArchitectDesign™ said...

the thought of changing the faces of these famous men is somewhat appalling -isn't it? They're not hollywood starlets -they're our founding fathers! The depictions might not be entirely accurate, but they've become the accepted vehicle for their names.

Kwana said...

Changing the face to make the men more youthful is just ridiculous. What shame. As for women I'd like to see Dr. Dorothy Height or Eleanor Roosevelt or Mother Teresa someone to show that giving is better than receiving.

24 Corners said...

Totally against face-lifting our founding fathers...there was character and history in those wonderful, familiar sad.

As for about giving our "founding mothers" a chance at fame....they were right there with the men, supporting them and being their comfort in all that revolutionary turmoil. Martha and rock!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

oh my, i can just imagine the next $1 bill with George Washington after a facelift! the new era of memorializing our forefathers!
xoxo alison