Thursday, June 26, 2008

party files

Inspiration for a backyard barbeque

I save lots of things that inspire me.  I have files for many of my tear sheets to refer to.  One file is titled, "Party File" - yes, it is true people, that I am crazy enough to have files dedicated to Parties. 

From the time I was a young thing, I would tear out pictures that I liked and save them.  I never needed the recipe or instructions, the picture would suffice just the right image!

Parties ranging from wee tots birthdays to over the hill parties.  I save them all.  Open House to Holiday gatherings, Family re-unions to the most intimate dinners.  Celebrations with a personal touch always excite me.  People say, "You make it look so easy!"  It is easy when you have a vision or a plan of how you see it.   Lucky for me that my files always provide me with a "go to" spot.  I even have a "Hair File" to take to the salon which my stylist loves!   One day, I decided to organize all the photos in to files and binders to have at the ready.  They really are useful when I am illustrating something or need to be inspired." 

a healthy birthday party, tissue paper carrot wrapped favors!

Nothing excites me more than planning a party and knowing that I am not alone in this passion.
What is your favorite part of planning a party?  What is the best party that you have ever been to or hosted?    


Courtney said...

your images definitely make me want to throw a grand fete! My favorite part of the planning has to be the invitation, then followed by food/drinks. Thanks for all the great party tips this week and have a ball in Paris!

Tara said...


The best party I went to was last summer...a celebration of Summe Solstice. My friend is Danish and apparently in Denmark there is a big celebration for this...we ate a divine dinner in her garden and, according to Danish tradition, a shot of Aqua Vit ( I think this is the spelling)...the bottle is rfozen in a milk container with flowers and water. You take the container off and the bottle looks gorgeous surrounded with ice and flowers!

Tara, Your Savvy Girl! said...

I love it! The files are great...I'm always hunting for cute folders. And, I pulled that same article out of InStyle! Don't you just love the last 10 pages of InStyle? There's always something inspiring in there!