Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did you say "ball?"

Drawing done by J.P.  (son of master)
Beautiful Mary-Laure over at AUREA in Paris tagged me with the exact same round of tag that I had done not so long ago.  In the spirit of sportsmanship, I agreed to play along, this time my dog "Bentley" will be my substitute tagger.  After all, he does love a good game of fetch or a "ball" and he has never made it to my blog.  Le petit-pauvre.  I thought Mary-Laure's Benjy would enjoy it too.  Bentley's birthday happens to be on Bastille day!  He will be Three.

Ready Bentley, go fetch!  

1.  What was I (Bentley) doing ten years ago?

Well only three short years ago, a very kind family - four out of five visited me not once, but several times at the Pet Store, where I was residing along with some other dogs, and cool cats.  The owners were kind, and gentle but I really was barking to get out and make a way for myself.  I was only 5 pounds when this family held me.  The store owner kept saying, "He is the perfect fit for your family" because I was quiet, kind and gentle.  The family kept saying things like, "Please Mommy, can we get him, he is so cute!"

2.  Five things on my to do list today.
Go for a Walk
Bark at a squirrel, chipmunk or the UPS Delivery Person
provide unconditional love

3.  Snacks

4.  Five things I would do if I were a Billionaire?
I would buy my family a farm/ apres ski house in the country, I love wide open spaces to run.
Certainly only natural to give a good bit to the ASPCA.   Save some for a rainy day.  
A King Size bed and some Frette linen for all three of us. The Master, the Misses, and I. 

5.  Places I have lived.
Born in Oklahoma
Pet shop
My home, right here with an upstairs bed in the kitchen and a downstairs bed too.

6.  Six Peeps that I want to know more about?
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Exactly when is in my next meal?
Anyone dog-gone willing to play ball?

Someone just called my name for " food?"  I never miss a meal.
a bientot!

licks and paws,


Mary-Laure said...

Message from Benjy:

Dear Bentley
I think we are kindred spirits! I love barking at delivery people too, and pigeons (we have no squirrels here in Paris)... I never say No to a game of Fetch.
You're as fluffy and white as I am black and sleek... I hope we meet some time!

pve design said...

Bone-jour Benjy!
Ciao Time!

collard green queen said...

THanks for you sweet comments- You coudl design for my house anyday!

pve design said...

collard green,
deal! you be my personal shopper and I will gladly design for you!

annechovie said...

Bentley is adorable!

littlebyRD said...

Cute! Your doggie is seriously just so darn cute - loved hearing his answers!!

pve design said...

Now, I hear that took a lot to say, coming from "not" a dog person! Come and visit and I will wag my tiny stump of a tail!

You are pretty dar cut your-self little-byrd...I love chasing birds!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Bentley is a cutey!! Thanks for bringing him in for a guest post.

Fifi Flowers said...

hilarious! very clever!

Mrs.French said...

Ok, seriously! You crack me up!
Love your answers to this tag, especially impressed with your billionaire answer...such a giving dog!

Kwana said...

Hi ya, Bent! Just a shout from your friend Jack down the street!

houseandglobe said...

Bentley, you are so seriously cute!

N said...

Bentley is too much. Such an insightful pup!

Melissa Lewis said...

Bently, you had my little Murphy liking the screen and wagging his tail like crazy! Too bad we don't live closer, we could schedule a play date:)

franki durbin said...

this was by far the cutest version of the answers I've seen. Adorable!

katiedid said...

SUCH a cutie!

Jan said...

My dog is named Bentley too. So funny. He is a little toy poodle. His ear was bent for 2 weeks after he was born. That is why we named him that. Yours is so cute.

Cote de Texas said...

So cute!!! that is just the cutest dog!!!!! what a face.

Ellen Gerstein said...

Dear Bentley,

Several occupants of my car were a bit perturbed when we drove past you the other day and did not stop for a quick pet. We were trying to get to swim team practice on time, but as I was told by one of the swimmers, "that is no excuse." So we owe you one 8 year old girl cuddle.

Your pal Elle