Saturday, June 21, 2008

destination celebration

I just love weddings that require travel to destination spots, especially ones near a beach or a place that I have never been.  Witnessing a love union and escaping for a weekend away, are always good for reviving love.  The above illustration was done for a couple as a save the date card to advise guests where to stay and when the blessed event will take place.  

This week, my posts shall be dedicated to celebrations.  Yesterday, while I was at the florist picking up long stem roses for my evening cocktail party, the florist was in the midst of so many things, preparing so many gorgeous arrangements for various events.  She said we touch every celebration of life.  I love that about my work too, I do touch many areas in my illustrations, from newborn announcements, birthdays, weddings, parties and more.  
Take time to celebrate, be it a destination one or right in your very own back yard.  
June is a time for embracing and celebrating summer.


littlebyRD said...

I am looking forward to what you come up with for your celebrations's bound to be brilliant! Have a great weekend.

pve design said...

love a good party, one year old to 100 -
loved your pillow post with the antique trim.
I inherited some heirloom pillow-cases with trim and I love them, they make any bed suddenly look romantic.
happy weekend!

Jaimee said...

Lovely painting...and thank you for your kind words on Littlebyrd's "Bookplate" Post.

I live in Ardsley as well...although, I believe you're in NY?!? I'm in PA.

Fantastic work!

simply seleta said...

You always have the nicest thoughts and perspectives. Here I was thinking June was a tough month with four kids at home around the clock.

I hope your soiree was delightful. Long stem roses sound very lovely for an evening of cocktails.

enc said...

That's beautiful. It makes me want to be there.

pve design said...

thanks! the soiree was delightful and everyone loved the roses... each guest was give one!
turning in early tonight!
enjoy june and the four angels.

CC said...

Patricia, do you mind me asking...was this a get together "just because?" What fun. And, what a special treat to be given a long stem rose at the end of the evening.

I agree with Simply Seleta you always have such nice thoughts and points of view. You are a great role model for all of us. You are filled with goodness! ;)

I can't wait to read all about your upcoming celebrations post.

Hope you had a good nights rest!

pve design said...


party started out of wanting to see friends and to throw a party outside on a summer eve - around the summer solstice! the roses were based on an idea shared by -in giving we share and open our hearts to receive.

energy is back after a great sleep, thanks!


houseandglobe said...

Patricia - This is just a romantic and dreamy looking. What a fun way to let folks know to save-the-date. Though we've just 'met' I agree with Seleta and CC. Your middle name must be goodness, right? 8-)

Be the change..... said...

a destination wedding in my own neck of the woods! I love the eastern shore -i'm sure it was a beautiful wedding and your save the date only set the tone!

Style Court said...

Patricia -- inspired idea. Love your work on the Save the Date!

Marnie said...

off to an island wedding soon - can't wait to use some of your illustrations to tell the story