Friday, June 27, 2008


Patricia left me a series of 6 beautiful new illustrations and I'm so pleased to be able to put my spin on them for you! I'll present these as a little story in the next few days all about the art of traveling.
After the tickets are bought and reservations made, one's mind will first veer towards packing. Of course, in the past one would always have a beautiful hard-backed suitcase like these to travel in style and protect one's clothes from wrinkling. Find a vintage hard-backed suitcase to travel in style; Check out ebay, local thrift stores or auctions. I hate to check luggage and always travel with an olive and tan leather Italian duffle that I always get compliments on. I feel confident that it's stylish and also practical!
possibilities from ebay!

Reading materials are probably as important as a toothbrush. Where would we be without either (smelly and bored is where!). Here Patricia chose some books by Capote, Dorthy Draper and Welty. I always like to bring along a few of my favorite design magazines and a New Yorker, too.

This looks like the beginnings of a great trip to me! Follow along with me in the next few days to see how this trip progresses.


CC said...

Hi and Welcome! Thanks for filling in for our sweet Patricia.

Love those suitcases. May have to check out E*bay.

simply seleta said...

Nice to read your spin. I'm a fan and long distance blogging pal of Patricia's. I see her blog is in good hands here!

Kwana said...

Welcome! I love the sketch and love your take on packing. The hard shell cases are beautiful.

Ashley L. said...

such a sweet sketch! i like it a lot! :)