Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Golden Girls

Designers design collections inspired by color.  A collection may begin with a swatch of a beautiful color and then everything radiates from that color.   Some of the most successful designers remain tried and true to color palettes that work season after season.  Most of us do find the color that works best for us and then infuse it with an accessory or accent piece.  

Selection of color in designing your interior space is one that requires confidence and the ability to identify your favorite colors.  Combining colors in a unique way against a contrasting
floor is bold and beautiful.  I always say to clients when advising color, "most people go bold or beige."  It is interesting to see bold colors against a beige backdrop or visa versa.  The above illustration was done for one confident lady at blink decor.  She knows how to give things a fresh vibe.

Everyone knows that Mrs.Blandings has a way with "buttah" yellow.  Rich creamy yellows set the stage for an elegant setting.  Yellows and golds remind one of the sun and have been said to dispel darkness while increasing joy and optimism.  Wearing yellow can enhance articulation and verbal dexterity - words seem to flow easily when this color is in view.  This explains Mrs.Blandings knack for flowing words in every post.  Are you are golden girl, with the midas touch?  What is the color that has your name on it.

The above illustration was done for a client as a wedding gift.   The home is painted a rich creamy yellow.  The yellow looks like a ray of sun in this wintry setting.  
Warmest wishes to all you golden girls.


Jessica @ The Love List said...

wow, beautiful work. thanks for stopping by my blog, i'm thrilled to have discovered yours!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Patricia - always a fun surprise to find the dream hous e in one of your posts! The other pieces are so charming, too.

pve design said...

thanks for popping over and leaving a lovely comment.
best wishes to you and your blog!

mellow yellow and thoughts of you appear dancing in my head. yellow = positively you.

Kwana said...

I always love your illustrations that have that golden glow. Great work.

Melissa Lewis said...

I love every illustration here, but especially the last you did as a wedding gift. It's so like a dream home. I just imagine a house filled with pets and kids running everywhere.

I go bold all the way, mixed in with some beige here and there! Gotta keep it real!

diana @ please sir said...

Great paintings...especially love the house!

pve design said...

gold rules! thanks for your comment.
I can always count on you!

just knew that you would like that house. Yes, full of a menagerie of 2 legged and 4 legged creatures would be nice.

thanks, must hop over and visit you now!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVELY LOVELY illustrations!

Cote de Texas said...

pretty pretty home you drew. love that "buttah" yellow.

btw - did you see that article about the blogger on NYSD yesterday ??? It was in the NYTimes. Anyway - their Christmas card reminded me of your work. Check it out.

pve design said...


and that illustration was mine in the NY Times on Blogger Melissa Morris! Lucky me!
How sweet is that!

Ashley L. said...

that is beautiful! i love those colors and those designs! well posted! :)

cc said...

Continue to love your work and be inspired by you! Thank you for your tasteful and beautiful posts each day!

N said...

love the post...yellow is a part of our downstairs theme. we are all about color.

I'm looking for a bold wallpaper design that combines aubergine, yellow, and deep red (kind of crazy, I know...) but it will pull it all together!

enc said...

Your great drawings attract me again and again.

houseandglobe said...

Patricia, I love yellow and I love, love, love your illustrations. There's a yellow hall/stairwell at #10 Downing Street lined with photos of past PM's that's one of my favorite uses of the color. Just makes me feel fuzzy and warm.

pve design said...

I have some great wallpaper sources if you need them.

cc, ashley, enc, house & globe-
thanks to each of you for enjoying my illustrations!
I do feel truly blessed to draw, paint and to share these with you, your comments mean the world to me!

Hooked on Houses said...

Your work is so beautiful! Love it. -Julia

vana chupp said...

Amazing work! I have been wanting to do some watercoloring seems like forever since i last tried it....Pencil sketches are as far as i could take it now:)

annechovie said...

Treeba~ Love all the illustrations, but esp. the top one - that is so appealing and the pink chair just stands out beautifully - it is my favorite!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

love that first image. The pop of pink is so very fresh.