Tuesday, October 04, 2011

a new leaf

 While the leaves around us are still very green, I was inspired by this collection of colored paper leaves.
I am reminded of the myriad of elementary school projects brought home by my children.
How sweet would these leaves be artfully arranged on a wall?  So many new leaves to admire and to learn about.  
I am going out to look for some new leaves, sketch pad and watercolors in my bag.
Love looking at all the beautiful colors.
Do you have a new leaf to add to your collection?
What is your favorite leaf?


Formerly known as Frau said...

I love the reds and golden yellow leaves. All the rain is making leaves fall faster and earlier......I do love walking or driving through streets covered in leaves.
Have a wonderful day!

Clare Christine said...

I can't wait for the change of color in the leaves and for the crunch under my feet as I waslk around campus. Nothing is more beautiful about the fall time. xoxo

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love those leaves on the wall! so cute! Love maples and can't wait for fall, my favorite season!

Kwana said...

I don't have a favorite but I can't wait for them to turn. I love this time of year.

Joyce said...

Love the maple leaves for their colors and the oak for the symbolic of the tree. Enjoy! xo

Karena said...

Nothing like the glorious leaves of a maple tree afire in Autumn!! The paper leaves remind me of Matisses' cutouts!

I hope you will visit and let me know what you think of my Autumn décor so far.

Oh and I also have a new Giveaway!


Art by Karena

I Dream Of said...

So pretty. I love the aspens, the maples and the hawthorn trees. We're getting some color out in Seattle, like someone dipped their brushes in red and gold and added little touches of color to the trees lining our street. I love gathering the brightest fallen leaves and using them as part of a fall centerpiece!
Happy fall!

Britt @ Dreamy Spaces said...

Very creative idea, all the different types of leaves you can cut out with differed colored paper! Very cool!

Alexandra said...

Oh my gosh I love the leaves on the wall! Looks so great!!

LindsB said...

Beautiful colors!

Oh how I love fall and all the pretty colors of New England. I think my favorite leaf would be any one thats orange.

pretty pink tulips said...

Love turning over a new leaf! The maple leaf is my favorite...I love those pointy little corners!!!

annie said...

I love the grid of 40 leaves...and have always loved the colorful art projects my kids have brought home in the fall as well. I would love to see your sketch pad! I do miss this time of year back east!

SmalltownOntario said...

The second picture is the one for me. I need to get out and start collecting my leaves.
It does rememind me of school projects of years ago. That sounds like I am a hundred years old, not there yet but working on it.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

These are so beautiful Patricia, can't wait to see your watercolors of this. Lately I have been inspired by the turning colors of my succulents--the blush of red and the watery greens and yellows--so pretty!

xo Mary Jo

Splendid Market said...

I love the leaves, what incredible, complex palettes. Whenever I take walks, there are always a few that are just too pretty to leave on the ground, I have a little collection beginning on the counter.