Monday, October 17, 2011

monday motivation - scales and ladders

It is monday and each morning monday-friday, I step on the scale to see where I night need to make an adjustment.  I keep an index card with the date and weight and record what the scale tells me.  Last year when I was training with a trainer, he told me that the mirror and the scale are our friends.  It is normal for our weight to fluctuate like a ladder, up and down.  If we find a target weight that we feel good at, then the key is to try to maintain that weight.  It is like a game of "scales and ladders!"

What works for you?  Do you weigh in or not?  Do you just avoid the scale and rely on the fit of your jeans?  Love to know how you motivate yourself to find a happy weight.  Please, I realize this is a personal issue and please know that I am not judging anyone for not weighing in on this post, I just think we can all provide helpful tips to motivate each other.

I am off for my morning walk and then back for my morning oats.  Happy Monday.


Formerly known as Frau said...

I weigh myself once a week usually Friday's! But it's frustrating when you think you are working so hard and it never budges! I think for me, going by the fit of my clothes is more motivating than that darn scale!

Everyday is a new day and I'm trying to do better with each one!

Have a great Monday!

Anonymous said...

I have found I prefer to gauge my weight by my clothing. If my wasitbands are snug I know it is time to cut a few pounds. For some reason, I like clothing size as opposed to scale numbers...

I Dream Of said...

Hope you had a lovely morning walk -- I'm enjoying my oats right now!
It's all about the fit of the jeans for me. Although I have done the weekly weigh in, I found that I got a little obsessive about it (it became a daily thing), so the ease of the zipper is the new test! But I'm all for any kind of healthy habit!

pretty pink tulips said...

Good beautiful morning!! Just back from my exercise class (ballet barre method style). I only weigh in the doctor's office once a year and the rest of the time do the best I can and go by how my clothes fit.

It's not as easy for me to stay trim as it once was so I just try to live my best every day, making adjustments along the way.

My motto is: just keep moving!!

Karena said...

Patricia I do not have a scale, I rely on the fit of my clothing. It is telling me right now that I need to lose 5-10 (it used to be so easy) pounds!

I am working on eating more protein and doing pre surgery exercises.


Art by Karena

Splendid Market said...

Interesting to read all of these comments. I tend to weigh in daily, I just like to see where where I am difinitively. That being said, when our scale was broken for a few weeks it was interesting doing the jean test.

I am getting ready to go to the ranch in malibu for an intensive fitness {hiking}, detox, health program, so these days I am keeping track of every step I take. I'm posting about my relationship with my pedometer soon!

Joyce said...

I love the ladder in the photos :)

I weigh once a week (sometimes), but I usually go by the way my pants feel and I feel. I will be walking outdoors today, the weather is beautiful!! xo

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

I don't own a scale and don't ever really plan on it. I feel as though I'm better at judging the way my clothes fit, or I will become obsessed with weight. Speaking of I need to hit the gym after all my pumpkin bread I had this morning!


The Buzz Blog said...

I weigh in every day just in case I need to cut back on dessert and it's so much better knowing than not!

red ticking said...

i have not weighed in lately but know when my jeans feel snug it is time to reset the food routine... after this weekend... i am off for a brisk walk and a big apple!
happy monday xoxo

wish you could have been at the table sat night.. x

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Thanks Patricia for this post--I have been avoiding the issue, which is more of a health thing--I used to be the ultimate healthy eater and then fell off the wagon when I moved to a new city, new friends. I really want to get back with healthy eating--keeping a journal would probably be the first step. Do you keep track of what you eat?

xo Mary Jo

CREED said...

I don't own a scale and never have, the only time I ever step on one is at the Dr.'s office. Beautiful photo, I spy a Toto Acquia II,,,one of my fave toilets. ; )

Sunday Taylor said...

I am a first time visitor to your blog and I love the examples of your art work that I have seen. I found that in my forties I stopped weighing myself and I gained weight. It's different for everyone, but in my case I do need to see the number on the scale to avoid gaining too much. Happy Monday.

LPC said...

I weigh myself every morning. I try to stay at the lower end of a 5 lb range. It's comforting.