Monday, October 10, 2011

monday motivation - courage

 In French they have an expression "bon courage" which means all the best in your efforts.  I wonder if Christopher Columbus had friends and family wishing him all the best in the courage department.
Is there something you are searching for that could use a bit of courage?  Very often it is the fear of getting lost that we actually make new discoveries.

Having my college sons home over the weekend was truly wonderful.  I can see that they are both making new discoveries on campus with courage and conviction.   It will take courage letting the 2nd twin go today back to school, the firstborn son left yesterday as he has an exam to study for.  
Twin no.2 is already talking of an ROTC summer program that would take him somewhere far away.  

What was the last discovery that you made that required courage?


Formerly known as Frau said...

I understand your takes a lot of courage and determination to come to that decision...I wish him all the best.

Last courage I recall for myself was moving...didn't really have a choice but still had to put a brave face on and move forward.

Have a wonderful Monday!

A.U.G. said...

What was the last discovery that you made that required courage?

The last discovery I made was meeting a group of students here at the university who made me realize that my cohort (the millennial's) are not the second coming of what Gertrude Stein referred to as "The Lost Generation." These indivdiauls were just like me, full of hope, courage, optimism, and fully subscribing to the promise of tomorrow. Onward dear friend!

pve design said...

Courage with the paint color for your front door...which is nothing compared to moving across a big pond (twice)

never ever lose hope, courage, optimism for the promise of a new tomorrow along with a new generation.
tally ho.

Joyce said...

As a mom I'm sure you wear many courage hats. With 2 boys venturing on their own I'd say, wear the hat with big peacock feather. You did good my friend. :) xo

quintessence said...

I think it takes a certain amount of courage for us mothers to let go of the strings as our children venture out on their own. It's our nature to want to protect, nurture and advise but at some point we have to let them make their own world!!

I Dream Of said...

I think that often times we associate courage with big, dramatic actions. Fighting dragons and such. But it seems to me that the most important moments of courage are the quieter moments in life. Like sitting back and watching those you love go down their own paths.
Bon courage, PVE! Thanks for a thoughtful way to start the week!

Kwana said...

What a lovely post and images. I so understand the feelings there. Letting go. That takes courage.

pretty pink tulips said...

Well said, Patricia!!! Leaving the shore...I've done many times. It never really gets any easier. But, the sights you see are always exciting.

Wishing both your boys much luck on their voyages!!!
xo Elizabeth

Patricia Gray said...

Opening our hearts and minds to all that life has to offer takes the most courage - but it makes for a life well lived.
So good to hear from you Patricia, and thanks for your lovely comment!
All the very best to you and your family.
Take care.

Nessa said...

Wow... love that quote. Taking that very first step isn't the hardest for me... it is the middle. Being too far into it to go back - but not yet seeing the new coast I guess. Sending courageous thoughts your way.

DolceDreams said...

First of all I cannot believe you have children in college...and I am in awe of the courage that it must take to have part of your flock leave the nest...!!! I do not anticipate that day!
I have missed visiting, so happy to hear you have your kitchen all up and going!
Happy Columbus Day,

The Buzz Blog said...

Believe it or not - jumping into blogging. It takes courage to put yourself out there day in and day out... But it opened up a whole world!

Karena said...

It takes courage to open ourselves up to the rich experiences life has to offer.

Most recently news that I have one or two more surgeries ahead...not something I have wanted to face.


Art by Karena

Carrie'sCreations said...

Awww, Mommy hugs to you! I cant imagine the day when my boys leave the nest:(

My latest call for courage is dealing with my husbands impending deployment to Afghanistan! I just want it to be over, and my heart hurts for my little boys that just don't understand:(

24 Corners said...

Oh, letting go definitely takes courage Patricia...but thank heavens one of the most wonderful things about youth is, that most of the time they don't even know they are being courageous, because the simply just are.
These past five years, just putting one foot in front of the other has been an act of courage for me, it's a daily thing and I'm ready to take a breather!
Best to both of your boys as their fascinating journeys begin...and happy, courageous thoughts & hugs for you!
xo J~