Thursday, June 18, 2009


image from Smith & Hawken
Behold this succulent bag.  To have and to hold.
I received this book The Edwardian Lady by my dear friend over here.
The Story of Elizabeth Holden.
Meet Edith Holden.  She was an Edwardian lady and artist.

Edith Holden was fascinated with Country life and nature.
Her beautiful illustrations are richly detailed and her artwork is a wonder to behold.
I love meeting artists, from another time that I feel a connection.
Part of my intent is to be open to those who have gone before as well as those that are finding their way and creating an artful life.
Who are you beholden to?


Marnie said...

so funny you posted this book - i bought several years ago at our library's second hand book sale - haven't read it yet, but couldn't resist the cover ...

little augury said...

patricia- I do love a biography, my mom has both these books- the edwardian had a full imagination and put pen beautifully to paper. I love that succulent bag- So perfect for the post too. la

Prairie Girl Studio said...

i think i would very much like to meet elizabeth holden and her country life through her writings ... thank you for introducing me ...

Prairie Girl Studio said...

forgive me for commenting again ... but to answer your question, i would have to say that i am beholden to my parents for their ongoing love of nature and it's beauty and sharing it with me throughout my childhood and youth ... every morning they would call me to the window to see the sunrise ... watch the skies in a storm ... to see the woodpecker and chickadees at the feeder ... the chipmunks ... hear the coyotes call ... the deer loping across the field ... and i couldn't bear to live anywhere else but in the country so that i may appreciate these gifts and pass along and share the same respect, patience and love for nature that was taught to me ... i am forever grateful to them ~

Maria Killam said...

What a beautiful bag, I love that image. I need to read some more books---and step away from the computer!

A Day That is Dessert said...

That bag is amazing!

Kwana said...

I love that bag what a great image. I'm so glad that you like the book. As soon as I saw it I knew it was for you. I'm beholden to the love of my family and mostly my dear hubby. I'm also beholden to dear friends that keep me inspired like you. Thanks so much.

Frau said...

Gorgeous book! I'm beholden to my husband, he amazes me constantly. Have a wonderful weekend.

pve design said...

I only wish you lived next door, we could trade books, yarn, recipes, snippets of fabric, lemons, cups of sugar, all adding up to a life to behold!
As always, I love your comments, you are so enthusiastic, so energetic and of course a wonder!

you must have a wonderful collection of books and bags to behold.

Prairie Girl -
I just like the sound of your name, and that your parents instilled an appreciation for nature and all the creatures, great and small.

you would love the colors in her work and also be fascinated with the Edwardian period. The colors are so rich and intense.
yes, stepping away from the computer is good for our soul and our senses.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Hi Patricia,
As you know I am beholden to my website right now and all this wrapping paper.......sigh.
I would much rather be reading your book. Great purse!

Simply Mel said...

We learn so much from those who walked before us. There are so many of which I am beholden to, but at first thought, I would say my grandmother for teaching me to be an independent woman and keep my mind open to absorb everything that steps in my path.

home before dark said...

I am beholden to my father for teaching me that justice is often best meted out with humor. I am beholden to the women in my family who could frame in a window, put up fresh pickles, knew organic food tasted best, and could make you nightgowns and robes with tatting on them. I didn't learn all of their skills thinking these skills were women's work and I wanted to be liberated from all that. Which, of couse, is now how I spend my time. The women are all dead now. Memories guide.

Purple Flowers said...

I am beholden to the ones in my family that have lived before me. They taught me through actions what a good life is made of. I am thoroughly grateful.

Michelle said...

How pretty; and I love succullents...and old books :) What a nice gift!

pve design said...

I adore this book and never had heard of E.Holden so thank you for this wonderful gift. You are a dear friend.

we are both blessed with husbands who are beholden to us! enjoy your weekend!

Allie in G'town said...

I am going to have say Martha Stewart. I remember the exact moment on Thanksgiving day when her special debuted on PBS. It was like I instantly became one of those Moonies selling flowers in train stations. I ran downstairs and INSISTED I help with the turkey by arranging bay leaves in a decorative fashion under the skin that I had loosened with olive oil. It absolutely was my first "domestic" creative endeavor. She is a goddess to me.

Blair said...

Oh, that succulent purse form smith and hawken is divine!

beachbungalow8 said...

the illustration work reminds me a bit of, Tasha Tudor's. beautiful!

pve design said...

home before dark,
just today I was having a conversation about "tatting" with a nice young student. I have some that my Grandmother did. It is amazing.
I want to learn how to tatt!

pve design said...

Beach Bungalow -
I immediately thought of Tasha Tudor as well -

Clarity said...

I'm beholden to God, rather obvious but "I follow that which is inspired in me", that's my source. Then my family strong and gifted people who let me carve my own path.

Then.. Orson Welles, not my favourite Director but a man who did his own thing from a young age and inspired me to be a Filmmaker. Cecil Beaton, a photographer who dabbled in art/fashion/elegance, was uniquely original and then shot astonishingly realistic photography during WW2. I know there are more and I thank them all.