Wednesday, April 30, 2008

random acts of quirkiness

Miss Cavendish has invited me to a cup of tea and a game of tag. A random game where I need to list "Six Random Acts of Quirkiness." Now does that sound positively delightful or what. Nothing could delight me more than these quirky little cakes Miss Cavendish made, that were sent to me for my birthday.   They are exquisitely made and no calories.

Here are 6 and only 6 of my quirks-

1. I own the book " How to read a person like a book" all about how to read certain gestures -
which fascinate me, especially in public spaces.

2. Must have a micron pen and paper near at all times to doodle or list with which to capture quirky gestures.

3. Intrigue with the "execution of craft" and a bit obsessed with how things are crafted.
ie, how can an Hermes bag be $10,000, but I still would love to have one!

4. love white sheets and white towels.

5. lorna's natural moisturizer, i love it.

6. my epitaph, could it be one of my quirky drawings, a picture is after all worth a 1,000 words!
Thank-you Miss Cavendish!  Anyone on my blog roll who would like to divulge six random acts of quirkiness, please play along... I tag, Mrs.Blandings, Little-Byrd and Elements of Style.


littlebyRD said...

oh this is a hard one! I love your answers - Must put some serious thought into this one before I publish. And that book sounds fascinating....going to have to get it.

miss cavendish said...

Thanks PVE! I'm so flattered that you posted your tiny birthday cakes . . .

Your quirks all sound like positive ones. I'm looking forward to trying the moisturizer; always love a good reference from a trusted source.

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

What a fun tag! Loved learning some of the quirks of you. I wouldn't be able to narrow it to just six, I don't think. I have six... times about a thousand! Ha!

Karen Beth

pve design said...

miss cavendish -
"Quirky" - Woody Allen comes to mind.... and I could have thought of so many more.... but it was a fun side-track!

Mrs.French said...

Lovely tag! Sometimes your quirks are lovable and I want that book.

simply seleta said...

Hmmm, this was educational. I love little factoids like today's. Thanks for sharing! The book is a must.

Melissa Lewis said...

Ohhh, that book does sound interesting. I'm enjoying my gift so much:)

When was your birthday?

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Miss Cavendish should enter these in Precious Style's cupcake competition!! They are beautiful!!

PS love the paiting in the next post - beautiful!

pve design said...

Oh all things bright and beautiful -
Thank you for stopping by, I so appreciate your comments along with your blogging tips. I love your stylish posts and for keeping all things bright and beautiful..adding you to my roll as I have been a fan long before I became a blogette.

Kwana said...

Lovely quirks. And beautiful cakes.

Be the change..... said...

love white sheets as well! I think those cakes are really just yummy! Wish they were edible!

enc said...

Mmmmm, white linens. I bet your home smells fantastic.

Charms said...

I want to read that book to, on how to read a person like a book. Maybe it would help me to better understand each person I see even if they aren't related to me, and it's something I feel interesting to read about. - Cheapest Lia Sophia