Friday, April 11, 2008

matter of taste

The Balvenie guy always makes me smile. What a guy. My kind of guy, because he is illustrated, I adore his philosophy and educated air, the cut of his suit, the chic bow tie, glasses and his stance. He's the sort of guy that I would like to have a scotch with, Balvenie Scotch. There is also something appealing about him appearing in the Wall Street Journal. He has what I call business acumen. Plus he has great little quips that make him unique. Just in case you cannot read what he is saying, I have typed it here for you to read. "It may simply be a matter of taste but I find illustration to be much more sophisticated than photography, don't you?"

As an artist, I do love a great black and white photo, however, I see in "illustration" and in "story" and I do agree that illustration gives an air of sophistication. It is a matter of taste.
Would you like an illustration of you? Slimmer, richer, taller, smarter - it can easily be done in an illustration! After all photos add weight and never lie while an illustration can simply add sophistication and wit. Humor me.


Mary-Laure said...

I absolutely agree with you. Illustrations in ads and mags really give a je-ne-sais-quoi that's fun and cool.

pve design said...

illustrating you with benji- "pirouetting in Paris"
is what i see, avec beret and les fleurs!

Marnie said...

patricia - you mentioned a WSJ article about moms who blog - date? I will call you around 9:00am to talk about the illustration -okee dokee

pve design said...

marnie -
yes, husband put it full front and center in my face, mom blogs who are making enough for their dears to retire and manage the advertising and fight off fans
and stalkers virtually outside.
tee- hee
thursdays journal.

LondonCalling said...

Agree completely. Have a future project I'd love to have you illustrate. But I promised myself(and LondonHIM) we'd finish the kitchen reno first.

Be the change..... said...

what a cute little guy :-) I love illustration (as you know) and think one of the downfalls of Vogue is that they no longer have fashion sketches like they did back in the day. The sketches give more of an impression while the photograph is more exacting.

enc said...

This ad was a great combo of the mediums. I like it.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Oh if only I had a thimbleful of your talent, Mrs. PvE!

I agree with you and BtC about illustration. I recently purchased a limited edition magazine "Pourqoui Pas?" that features fashion illustrators. I'm a fan of René Gruau, who knew?

Be the change..... said...

EAEL, Thanks for the tip on that magazine, I had never heard of it! Check out my blog sometime -a few weeks back I did a posting on Gruau!