Saturday, April 05, 2008

open season, tagged from A to Z

Ready or not, while I was at the museum, I was tagged by "My Notting Hill" ( a blog with style) and asked to post a list from A to Z.    

A.  Attached or Single - Attached like super strength velcro to my husband for a long time.
B.  Best Friend - Kwana
(and my knitting buddies too)
C.  Cake or Pie -  Pie, but my favorite cake is "Angel" food Cake.
D.  Day of Choice - Today
E.  Essential Item - Lorna's Natural Moisturizer
F.  Favorite Color - Acid Green
G.  Gummy Bears or Worms - Do swedish fish count?
H.  Hometown - Louisville, Kentucky
I.   Indulgence -  Early to bed early to rise!
J.  January or July - Love them both, Love the snow in January, and the beach in July!
K.  Kids - 3 amazing kids - twin boys and one girl
L.  Life isn't complete without - "lemons" (and sugar)
M. Marriage date, September 26th - 
N.  Number of brothers and sisters, 1 of Lucky 7, me, 3 of each!
O.  Oranges or Apples -  Citrus!!  Lemons and Green Apples!
P.  Phobias - Fears - Just read "Fearless" so I have conquered all fears.  ( I was afraid to start my blog but I am over that!)
Q.  Quote -  "When life gives you lemons, make lemon-aide!" or "be right there"
R.  Reason to smile - people like you!
S.   Season of Choice - Four Seasons
T.  Tag 3 - I tag "Bliss, and Kwana Writes and Easy and Elegant"
U.  Unknown fact about me - Tiffany and Hermes are my favorite stores.
V.  Vegetable - The greener the better, love artichokes, asparagus, spinach, beans...kale...
W.  Worst Habit -  saying "yes" when I clearly should say "no!"
X.  X-ray or Ultrasound -  Ultrasound of twins! Eeek!
Y.  Fave Food -  "French" Food!
Z.  Zodiac - Pisces!

I in turn, tag these Lucky three, (aka Mrs. French) of Bliss,  Kwana of Kwana Writes and Mr.Elegantologist or Easy and Elegant Life-   Simply post your list from A to Z of these clever "tid bits" in your own unique and chic style.


Easy and Elegant Life said...

Thanks Mrs. PVE! I'll work on this over the next couple of days. You know, it's kind of like getting a Valentine at school! Cheers,

pve design said...

Dear Mr.E-

Anticipate an easy and elegant a to z from you.


littlebyRD said...

How fun. I love finding out little facts like this about people! Thanks for sharing.

LondonCalling said...

Not only A to Z but with a charming illustration. Each becomes my new favorite.

Braque68 said...

loved your A-Z- what a fun idea!

Happy Weekend! so glad you are back to yoga -we missed you!

simply seleta said...

Fun fun read today. Acid green? Oh yes, the logo, it's perfect! Love your illustration. How do you just whip out all of that creativity?! The pics are always so clean and elegant. Love.

Kwana said...

You are so sweet. Got the tag. Thanks.

My Notting Hill said...

totally love that illustration! Enjoyed reading your A - Zs

pve design said...

Oh littlebyrd and Simply Seleta,
You two special birds were number 4 and number 5 to play a game of tag from A to Z.
I will catch you on the next round of tag!
Thanks for your kind comments.

ALL THE BEST said...

Patricia that illustration is AMAZING!! It comes in 2nd as my all time favorite!!! My blog header is 1st :-)

adesignaffair said...

pve-love that you enjoy my window wednesdays, as your little illustrations make me smile. Especially this one that incorporates my love of typography!

enc said...

Nice post! I learned many new things about you.

annechovie said...

Great to learn more about you, Patricia!