Tuesday, April 22, 2008

elaborate time

I began to think in terms of time being elaborate and full, almost of having too much time rather than never enough.  Did you ever imagine that time or a clock could be an elaborate one, a glorious one providing you with a "carpe diem" pendulum. Whenever I am feeling that there is never enough time, suddenly, there is not.  

However, when I give myself time, not to rush nor push, things always go all the more smoothly. 
I illustrated this elaborate clock for each of you to print and hang in a spot to remind yourself to take time, quality time, and realize that the extra time you allow -  will reward you with a few more minutes each day.  After all life is not to be counted in the minutes, nor the days, but in the years.
How do you make more time in your day to add years to elaborate upon your life?
A client makes good use of her time, Annie's Rhyme Time.  She writes clever jingles for all occasions or for just the "right time."  Check out her new web-site.  I illustrated the virtual shop.
Annie will always make time for you.


simply seleta said...

Lovely illustrations.

Like many others, I often feel that I am in a rush and time is not on my side. This causes me to forget to appreciate the little things in day to day life.

Last night while rushing to make dinner, my 8 yr old requested to help me cook. Before I could snap, "there's not enough time," I gave him a hug and replied with "absolutely". Boy was I thankful, the one on one time meant the world to my little guy. [Husband took the other 3 swimming at the pool by the beach] So oldest and I had almost two hours together and made two delicious quiches for the fam. It was great, he learned how to make sauteed mushrooms and expanded his palette!

We packed up the dinner with drinks and brought it to the pool. It was a lovely surprise sunset picnic for our brood.

I may not have a post today, and I may be a little behind on laundry, but I cannot replace the time spent together last night. At the end of our cooking session he looked at me and said, "Mommy, cooking with you is one of my very favorite things."

pve design said...

oh how very sweet, just think that all that time could have been lost if you had snapped and said that there is not enough time. your comment is worth no post from you today. I will remember your words tonight at dinner in an effort to slow down and savour all the good times and good tastes!

littlebyRD said...

Oh thank you for the clock illustration! What a nice reminder to slooowwww down. Beautiful example by Simply Seleta. I am guilty of rush, rush, rush and need to just stop and enjoy what is happening in the moment.

Melissa Lewis said...

Patricia, I am so glad that I found your blog a while back. Every time I come and visit, I am inspired by your illustrations.

Love your post today. It's so hard not always be rushed in this busy world. I find when I wake up just one hour earlier and read the word and pray, God seems to bless me with more time for that day. That ever happen to anyone else?

Melissa Lewis said...

Meant to say THANK YOU for the clock illustration. Now I need to refill the ink in my printer so I can print this off and post it on my inspiration board:)

pve design said...

you are welcome and be on the lookout for a package, sending it off today! taking time to dash off to the post office. the clerk always has a smile and says,
"How ya doin?" He makes time to make my day!

enc said...

I want to be in that shop.

I've got my clock now, and am just looking for the perfect place to hang it. It's a beautiful illustration.

Kwana said...

You are so sweet, handing out time. You know me and time. It's always going way too fast. I'll try and remember your lovely words and just let it flow.

Arlene said...

Thank you for the clock! Now I can actually have one of your lovely illustrations in my office. Gosh I can relate to lack of time and Simply Seleta's automatic urge to say there's not enough time. Her story reminds me of my own little boy and his desire to always help. I find that when I have him help, the evening is almost always more enjoyable than if I rush through.

design for mankind. said...


Mrs.French said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful clock. Sadly, I don't make more time in my day...they fly by and then I wonder where it has went. Which is why the past 2 and 1/2 years with B have been so fast..a blur actually. I think I need your pretty little clock as a reminder.

Melissa Lewis said...

A package for me? Oh yea!!!!!!!!!! I will be waiting in anticipation:)

Marnie said...

going up to the studio aka the garage with the beautiful illustration of the grand clock- will post it in full view to inspire me and to remind me to enjoy the moment.

adesignaffair said...

Your illustrations are so yummy. You inspire me too sit and just whip up ones that have to do with my day. Showing elaborate timed moments through illustrations. thanks!