Thursday, August 16, 2012

sew what

I dearly want to set up a sewing corner and sew.  Sew what you ask, I think I would love to sew some tops like this and mod jumpers for Autumn.   
Love this mod jumper, coat, pants ensemble, very Charlie's Angels.  I think it would be chic in a flannel or a camel hair.
Do you sew?  Do you have a corner in your home set up to sew.

I apologize, I saved this image....and cannot find the link to the artist who painted this.  I will look in my pinterest file in hopes to give credit to the artist who painted this sewing corner.


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Anonymous said...

I'd love that sewing corner! I now sew in a large hallway, no windows with a view sadly.

Joyce said...

I admire my friends who can sew. Let me just say when I was a young girl- the sewing teacher asked me to take another class other than sewing. xo

Formerly known as Frau said...

I don't have a corner but have recently sew a few pillows.....not perfect but happy I tried! Have a wonderful day!

Ideezine said...

Love sewing and still do...I have a sewing/design/room in my home. I do sew items for some of my design clients when fabrication of (some) items are a budget or time issue.

I use a computerized sewing machine, serger machine (finishing), and blind hemming machine. Easy to move them and tuck into a sewing cabinet and close the cabinet doors when projects are competed.

Very rewarding and wonderful skill to practice. My niece is four and she is curious about sewing since I altered her Rapunzal Halloween costume last year. Can't wait till she wants to try it herself.


Jennifer C. Webb said...

wish I knew how to sew, such a great skill. Still considering sewing those frogs you shared a while back...loved those

home before dark said...

I hated sewing when my mother forced me to take home ec, but when I could the art side of sewing, the light turned on.

I have a sewing room in the basement. Since I'm still sewing curtains, I have two large tables I work on. It's great having a space where the ironing board can stay up and the mess stay downstairs!

Karena said...

Patricia I started sewing at age ten and then proceeded to make clothes for myself and later for my daughter, her dance costumes etc.

I am not sure why I just can't bring my self to enjoy it again!

You go girl I love these outfits!

Art by Karena
2012 Artist Series featuring Harrison Howard

BRASWELL said...

I do not sew because it would all end up looking like "Loving Hands at Home" made by Peggy. I do admire those that can sew.

Raychel said...

I sew and I'm OBSESSED with the shirt you showed- the Wiksten Tova. I've made a dress version and a blouse version. This past weekend I finished up a strip quilt in some fall-friendly colors :)

jessie pearl said...

Lovely costumes and painting.The painting is looks very original.I like your post.

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