Tuesday, August 28, 2012

sea change

 What a treat to share a delicious tray of oysters from CRU, Nantucket's Premier Oyster Bar.
I love artfully created spaces.
Especially one's near water.
They are treasures.
Even powdering one's nose is a delight, nautical navy tile, sail cloth receptacles for hand towels.

Shells artfully hung.  Elements of the sea are refreshed and purified.
There seems to be a profound sea of change going on in some posh sea side spots. 

 Having had the pleasure of dining on oysters and one the best fish sandwiches ever, certainly made for a notable meal as well as the artfully designed Cru in Nantucket by the firm of Gauthier Stacy.  Nautical sails hung from the ceiling, canvas chairs, brass accents, wood, white and clusters of glass pod fixtures all gathered to create a positively chic spot.  Long are the days of seaside shanteys and only fried fisherman's platters served in plastic baskets.

I am always inspired by change which is refreshing, artful and simple.  What sort of change has inspired you this summer?


The Snowdrop Project said...

The restaurant looks wonderful, and those oysters......
Hope you have a lovely day,

Ann said...

Hmmm... love eating fresh oysters,
just a squeeze of lemon and I'm ready to swallow.
That resto looks fab.

I Dream Of said...

Patricia, oysters are one of my favorite foods and Nantucket is one of my favorite places! What a wonderful meal that must have been. Love this interior and now wishing we were hopping on a flight to Boston and making our way to Nantucket for the long weekend.

As you know, this has been a big summer of change for me, with more to come. I'm happy to be pushing myself - even if it is pushing myself to learn how to just relax!

Happy Tuesday. XO

vicki archer said...

They do look good Patricia... I love oysters too... especially when I am home in Sydney...
The restaurant looks fabulous... xv

pretty pink tulips said...

I know it's crazy, but I've never been to Nantucket! We hope to go next August - yes, planning that far in advance!

Would love any other tips or favorite places you know there.

xoxo Elizabeth

Jennifer C. Webb said...

last time out for seafood, I debated over the grilled or fried seafood platter....the waitress insisted "when you're expecting, you should allow yourself the fried." Fine...except I wasn't pregnant

I need to visit more upscale establishments such as in your post!

MJH Design Arts said...

I love this space--super minimal and the height of sophistication (the real kind). Have a wonderful evening. Mary

Reggie Darling said...

This is a great inspiration! I am leaving for Nantucket in a couple of days, and will be sure to make a reservation at this restaurant! Reggie

annie said...

Love the space...the warmth of the wood, the art, the chairs...beautiful.

I guess a change of address from Southern California to the east coast is what had me inspired this summer.

Michelle said...

I love the space...a look I am quite fond of...glam and beach :)Hope you are having a great summer...did you get your stools?


Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

This is such a beautiful setting!

Summer is always marked with a trip to the shores of Lake Huron. The most amazing blues and greens are seen in the water during the day, followed by watching the sunset, equally awesome!

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