Tuesday, December 02, 2008


"Accoutrements" are just the sort of paraphernalia that can add pizazz to one's day.  My plan this week is to take inventory of my accessories and add a twist as I scout for some new or vintage finds.  The perfect bag, belt, boa, scarf, gloves, or jewelry are all you need to be pulled together.  All things organized for easy access as you dash out the door to spread holiday cheer.

What is your favorite accessory for the Holidays?  Love to know how they are organized? 


Jen r. said...

I love accoutrements.. right now the 3 things I carry around the most how ever are my kids ;) Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on my blog! :)

Kwana said...

Fun post. My favorite accessory is my charm bracelet, but the clasp is broken. I must take it to be repaired. As for organization I've been thinking a lot about that and really need a better system for all my costume jewelry.

I think for the holidays good skin and a big smile are the most important accessory.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Not really my favorite accessory but Im mad for sparkly broaches come the holidays.

How do I keep it organized? I don't!

la la Lovely said...

I love a good scarf this time of year.... I have quite a few... purple, orange, mustard with a design, black of course and then some fun multi-colored outdoor ones!
Happy week to you!
PS -thank you for the lovely card! Nothing more fun than a sweet card in your mailbox!

annechovie said...

You have inspired me, I need to get organized....with everything in my closet!

pve design said...

Those 3 things that you carry around are the best accessories! Just think 30 fingers to help!

you are so right, a smile truly is the best accessory in life for the holidays and all year long! :)

Oh, sparkly broaches, show us yours, please!

Scarves are wonderful, a pop of color, a little frame for the face!

I can only imagine your accessories must be bright, cheery and perhaps some heirloom pieces...love to see them when you have time!

Karena said...

I find I am wearing more scarves and love using them to update an outfit. I wear a lot of black! I have not had a pashima though and would like one in with my accoutrments stash.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Does "cookies" count as an accessory? 'Cause they will be when they don't leave my hips for another month. :-)

I do break out the vintage aprons during holiday bake-o-rama, so I'd have to say that's one of my favorites. Lame as it is!

pve design said...

pashmina or some sundry scarf is a staple.
a dash of color to black is a quick pick-me-up along with added warmth on a cold gray day.

oh, I love aprons too! show them - to us and your cookies!

Joyce said...

I realize my favorite accesory this time of year is scarves, mittens and gloves. I was looking at a couple but then came home to realize I have like 4 pairs of gloves in black alone! Not to mentione the other colors. I have them in a clear container (from container store), the sad thing is I have the larger container, my husband has a smaller one and Kelly(dog) has the medium size. LOL...

Melissa Lewis said...

Great idea for a post:)

I have a thing for accessories. I think because they can easily work into my budget better than a basic clothing item can. I love scarves and knit hats! The more colors the better.

Patricia Gray said...

Great Post. Made me stop and think that this is the only month of the year that I am attracted to the color red to wear, but only in accessories. Must dig them out of my drawers.

littlebyrd said...

I just found some really beautiful headbands that have feathers on one and flowers on the other - very decorative and sure to dress up any outfit.