Friday, May 23, 2008

upside down haven

Step on up to my stairway to my mid-century modern haven.
We have the blueprints from the Architect. circa 1949.
Nearly twelve years ago, I found the "one page" deed in the driveway which we needed for the closing which may not have happened without that important document.
Sweet Karma.  

Welcome to my stairway to heaven.  The rose bush to the right is tethered on a suspension wire and in a few weeks there will be ravishing roses in full bloom.  Pale and velvety roses.
But these planters need tending to and so many of you seem to love to give advice.  Free advice. One planter has an evergreen, the other is empty.  What about boxwoods or grasses?   Holly bush to the left always has a nest or two in the spring, Paracantha climbs up and in the fall bears orange bittersweet berries.  Any gardening thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.

Located on a hillside, the view is heavenly.  Upstairs is my kitchen, living, bedrooms and back porch and patio. Downstairs is the hot bed working inferno, my work space, tv, computer and kid heaven.  Eyes on my work and an earshot from devilish angels. Photos taken by my writer buddy.  She has a brand new camera.  It's good to have friends with good equipment.
Thanks for the photos and any advice.  As my mother always said, "If you do not have anything  nice to say, just don't say it."  Sometimes it is still a hard rule to follow and I know I am not alone.  Go ahead and leave me something, like a comment or a hell-0!


Nantucket Mermaid said...

Of course, I would tear up the whole lawn and put a big ole' garden in, but that's me. My kids loved it because it was less to mow and I always did the garden part myself.Now it would be fun to put a triple tiered topiary in the pots...too formal? The place looks like heaven!

pve design said...

nantucket mermaid,
i do love a cheeky topiary. great ideas.
we had these old bushes on the front hill and the weeds were a bloody nightmare, so hence the lawn which is a sledders paradise on a wintry snow day.

My Notting Hill said...

I didn't know you were moving. Love the house and the trees surrounding it. Looks like you have a big fireplace too. For the planters I would consider a fat, round American boxwood (not trimmed tight) to contrast w/all the square and vertical lines. Later today I'll send you a pic of one I have later today. Congrat on the house!

pve design said...

My notting hill,
Oh, dear, no we are not moving - especially give the current economy. Love is here to stay.
Look forward to your pic, cause you reign keeper of the best photos!

Mrs. Limestone said...

You home is beautiful. Classically stylish and elegant just like the homeowner :)

Im sorry , I have no advice to give. Im trying to find a rose bush that would work in a planter and is hard to kill without luck so I would have no ideas for anything as large and lush as your space :)

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I LOVE love LOVE your house! It looks almost exactly like my grandparents house (designed by my grandfather,also an architect)except yours is painted white which i like. It was a magical place! I'll have to post some pictures of it! I have all the blueprints from his house too. Hmmm, my suggestion would be to fill the planters with lots of low-maintenance English Ivy (I love it but realize many people don't). I love the way how full it becomes, it's low maintenance and will drop down over the edges of the pots.

N said...

How do we live so close and I feel like I've never seen your house (I've walked on your street countless times)? It's adorable, I love it! And yes, you have got to love these hills we have around here. We have quite a slant on our property, too.

Before our renovation, we actually transplanted a significant amount of mature shrubs so as not to lose them. Personally I am a big perennial fan (less maintenance) and flowering-shrub gal over containers. But, when people do that right...they are wonderful.

Aside from the fact I have wee ones that tend to crush peonies (one of my major faves--they add so much and are quite easy for our area) and such with outdoor toys...and they do tend to look beaten up once the flowers leave...I would suggest those for a burst of color for anyone.

littlebyrd said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your home! I actually really love it - so many windows = lots of light. It looks like it has a nice open airy feel to it. And white - I love a white house! All the trees surrounding are so pretty and in the first picture - the tree scaling up the wall is beautiful!

annechovie said...

Love your house, Patricia! Fun to see pictures - thanks!

Elizabeth said...

I love this. I dream of a place like this. I live in a condo.

Topsy Turvy said...

I'd go with boxwood in your pots - clipped to nice fat rounds - to provide a sense of orderliness and to accent the modern lines of your house. These would also offset the free-flowing shrubs.
A path of large stones set in the grass, leading around from the drive to the door would also be pretty, following the lines of the structure. I'd use large squares to go with the modern architecture.
Maybe your light fixtures could be beefed up also, to provide a bit more presence?
Wonderful house ... Congratulations!

erika said...

First: Can I move in?
I AM IN LOVE with your house. I've always loved a white house... something so beautiful in the contrast in the summer (against green) and so peaceful in the winter (against greys).
I'm going to think on your 'containers' this weekend and email you some ideas- what 'zone' are you in? Do you bring them in the garage or inside in the winter?

heidi said...

i have house envy! I would try something funky in the pots or the landscaping.... maybe some of those topiary bushes shaped like long twisties??

Easy and Elegant Life said...

How about something sort of spiky in a palm kind of way with a sort of ground cover spilling over the sides? Just a thought. Boxwoods hate us.

Wonderful digs!

Paul Pincus said...

So's perfect.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Michelle said...

ooooooooohhh I love to see other's homes.....I can now pictue you climbing those stairs.......where are your neighbours? - how heavenly to have so much space! Looks picture perfect to where is the illustration to match please ???

Mrs.French said...

Oh no, you can't stop there. I want to see the inside. I apologize for being so intrusive, but my curiousity has been peaked. I guess what I am trying to say that the outside is spectacular!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Sigh, I am looking for a landscaper myself and so can not provide advice. But all that fresh green is enticing!

Eileen said...

These pictures came out great!!! Your house looks amazing. I guess I just take it for granted when I walk up your driveway and not look at the whole picture. Your writing buddy did a great job with these photos. Maybe she can make my house look as good.

Kwana said...

Thanks for posting those pics. I'm glad you like them, P. It's truly the best subject. E I'd be happy to take some of your lovely home.

simply seleta said...

Love the house! Treetops, privacy, a yard. Pure delight! Love the white. White homes are so fresh and classic. Thanks for posting! When are you going to show us an illustration of it too?

My very favorite thing to see in a pot is ivy with hydrangeas in the middle, although you look to have full sun in the front. That's the extent of my gardening knowledge. Oops, better stick to rearing offspring.