Thursday, May 29, 2008

baby check

Babies and checks fascinate me.  I love babies soft skin, the rolls, and the dimples.  Tiny fingers curled, bright eyes, small button nose and lips that will soon give meaning as they say letters to form words, D,Dada.  Why do they all seem to say Dada first? 

Checks also remind me of babies.  This check pinafore was a lovely pale grey check with a white bedford cord collar, cuffs and front, a hand-me-down from a wonderful friend.  On the front was an embroidered bear face.  My baby will be turning nine and when I see a baby, I do a "baby check" and my husband says, keep moving.  ( I illustrated this of my baby girl and her father, my husband. ) He loved the baby years and was an expert swaddler.  He would wrap them so tightly and then proclaim, "See, they like it."

Now he sees a baby and the next day, he will say, "that was a cute baby" and I say, "keep moving!"
Is it just me, or do you do the baby check thing too?   


Kwana said...

I love that you now tell him to "keep moving." Perfect. Beautiful picture.

heidi said...

hey... don't knock a good swaddler! They are hard to come by. My hubby had a good tight swaddle that lasted for hours ;-)

pve design said...

thought you would appreciate that one...!
I bet that happens when you see Madison.
Thanks for your comments.

I know the men folk seem to be expert at those really tight swaddles to keep them under wraps for hours.
Every now and then I need to make sure that my husband knows I think of him here in blogland.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I think it's in the wiring. Even when I think "thank heavens, I could never do it again" I'll see one of those squishy, fresh smelling bundles and be a bit wistful.

annechovie said...

This is a beautiful illustration, Patricia! I love babies, too. I used to be a nanny and so I always do a baby-check and beyond, that, always try to get them to smile. Babies are so special!

pve design said...

mrs. blandings,
thank heavens for little boys! bet your boys are amazing!

wow, that is why i love your work, you can see the care and kindness that good nannies have instinvtively!

N said...

I'm all about babies now since I've got one. Even with #2, it's so fun to see everything all brand-new again.

Love the illustration!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

I'm afraid I start with a "parent check." Sure don't miss the sleep deprivation and I always like to see how the new parents are holding up.

And I've learned not to beam and say "well, he's a proper little bruiser isn't he?" I thought I was being complimentary. Must be the lack of sleep.

pve design said...

the easy and elegant life seems unattainable after babies, but it is important to at least make an effort and not walk around in jog suits!

erika said...

patricia!! BEAUTIFUL!
I don't do baby checks... I see babies and think "not yet". :)
I'm sure once I have one it'll be different, but for now, my 4-legged babies are all I can handle.
I do do "canine checks"... and stop Chance and say "did you see that (whatever kind of dog)"...
great post, beautiful work, as always!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

"Seems" Mrs. PvE. Although it is a bit more involved, as you say. I didn't start this project until after the kiddos arrived. It is the result of muscle memory, purposefully ingrained behaviour, and constant research into the most wonderful places that the blogosphere has to offer... which is why we're all here @ pve design!

Elegance is attitude Mrs. Pve, and you have it in spades.

Eileen said...

It was like yesterday that she looked like that. I never saw these they are beautiful

Mrs.French said...

First of all this is an amazing illustration, your talent never ceases to amaze me!
I used to be a checker, then I had B and it slowed down for awhile...not that he is getting so big, I have started checking again. Oh goodnes, I hope this doesn't mean I am ready for a second!

pve design said...

mrs. french,
you do need a little girl to pass all those great vintage finds too and perhaps the next one would be born on a I heart monday. something to blog about too.
not that you need any help in that department.
sugar and spice and everything nice!

Melissa Lewis said...

Patricia, this is wonderful. They eyes have it in this illustration. They grabbed me the second I saw the picture. So sweet. I was instantly reminded of God's love when I saw this baby.

enc said...

Incredible artwork.

I'm always transfixed by babies. Probably because I don't have any of my own.

My Notting Hill said...

So sweet!

Cote de Texas said...

I don't know why but I thought you had boys, you have a little girl? beautiful drawing. My husband and I enjoyed our baby time so much - my nephew is expecting his first, he is 30 and we came home the other night so jealous that his life is just starting and we are through with our baby time (17 y.o. now!) - it was such a bittersweet realization that we both were so so so filled with longing for that baby time again. I guess that means we ready to be grandparents? hmmm. maybe we should adopt?

krys kirkpatrick said...

Oh my gosh how adorable. My sister is the mother of three grown boys and a grandson. She now has a grandaughter. After all these years of having our little company, Bunnies By The Bay, of which she has always identified with our boy characters, Tad,
emmit...she now blurts out, "I like pink!"