Saturday, May 31, 2008

cottage retreats

How many of us would just love to have our very own retreat?  For you only,  a place to go to for yoga, for art, to design, to write or to do anything you want.  A good spot for "Book Club" or a spot to go to when you want to get away right in your own back yard.  Take a look at this site.
(Click on cottages- Small pleasures.) Elements of Style posted it and I just cannot stop wanting my very own place to be.  To be or not to be!  I am aiming for my very own studio in the near future!  Click on the one you want and scroll down to see the anything you want rooms.


erika said...

OH MY! I'll take a "mount vernon"... lovely!!!!!!!!

pve design said...

Just new that you would love these! (reminds me of the one room school house fetish that you have!)

Be the change..... said...

Those are really lovely!! I love the 'harvard law firm' -that would be a perfect little getaway lined with bookshelves and a cozy chair. However some of those are bigger than my apartment and are more than little retreats! So fun, love these!!

pve design said...

be the change,
Yes, that Harvard Law Firm is very nice. I like that they are free-standing cottages. Did you see the Designer Cottage?
My husband wanted to know if I drew those?
They do look similar to my renderings...

Kwana said...

Oh my!!! I'm in love. You know the one I want. The Atlantic beach Cottage writers studio is for me! Thanks for posting this.

pve design said...

I picked that one out for you!
The writer's cottage, right~
happy weekend!

littlebyRD said...

These are fantastic! It gave me so many ideas of what I could do with my garage space I am bursting. Thanks for the link.

pve design said...

fantastic, cannot wait to see how your little cottage takes flight!
please show us!

Mrs.French said...

Wow we are so in sync...our posts even click!

Hooked on Houses said...

Well, I just got totally lost on that website, gawking at all the gorgeous houses they've designed. How fun. Thanks! -Julia

houseandglobe said...

Atlantic Beach Cottage
I am so there!