Thursday, June 06, 2013

graduation time

It's Graduation time and a time to celebrate and honor all the grads in your life!  What is your go to gift?
Money?  Gift card or do you give something creative or more practical?   My illustration for Sheridan Road Magazine is a money tree for Graduates, I think that would come in handy~

Yesterday's tote bag winner is Karen Albert.  Congrats to Karen.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

this is adorable! the best gift I received was a rubbermaid box full of useful things for college kids: bandaids, writing paper & envelopes, stamps, a box of sharpies, packing tape, etc. -things you'll need in college but never think of! I still have some of those items. It was from a mom of one of my friends and I'll never forget that. Money is always nice though too ;-)

Kwana said...

Grads do always love money or a money gift card. I'm thinking the parent like that too. Super cute illustration!

CDS said...

A gift card is nice, but so is something special like a monogrammed bag. XO

BRASWELL said...

Love the idea of the rubbermaid box from ArchitectDesign! One of the most cleaver things I received when going away to college was a monogrammed laundry bag. I still use it today.

Karen Albert said...

Thank you so much Patricia!! I am so excited to win the tote!! My email is
Art by Karena

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