Thursday, September 06, 2012


I happen to have several cachepots that were given to me over the years and they do indeed hide all sorts of mundane plastic pots as well as provide such a lovely ornament of design.  Do you have a cachepot that you love?

pve design illustration of cachepot


Jennifer C. Webb said...

yes, one that I scavenged from my Mother's attic saving it from any future yard sales. On my dressing table with a hardy succulent.

What is planted in your cache pot?

pretty pink tulips said...

Funny you should ask...I do. It's a raspberry pink and white. I need to pull it back out for fall. Would make for a beautiful centerpiece!

Happy Thursday! Feeling like Fall!
xo E

pve design said...

Mine had a gardenia in this sketch....but now I am filling it with a purple Aster.

I Dream Of said...

Patricia, I love your sweet cache pot. It looks so happy. I have a pair of blue and white ones that I was just thinking I need to pull out - I keep myrtle topiary in them.
Hope you are having a lovely week - enjoy the purple Aster!

Kwana said...

I think I now need to get some. Lovely illustration. said...

As a plant addict and collector of all things, I think I have too many cachepots.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ah, purple aster will look beautiful...thank you for sharing

Karena said...

Beautiful Patricia! Yes I have blue and white ones!

Art by Karena

Windlost said...

What a darling sketch!

xo Terri

vicki archer said...

Yes ... i do love cache pots ... especially your painted one... xv

Peggy Braswell said...

I adore cache pots, have lots of them. Your painting is beautiful.

annie said...

Yes, I do...but it's your charming illustration of your favorite cachepot I love the most!