Friday, November 14, 2008

memories of a dress

You know the one, the dress that brings back all the memories of the day when you heard those words, "for better or worse."  Well, a new painting like the above is being "given away" by this talented artist.  Not only can Diane Bronstein wield a brush, but she has an amazing photo safari class that she teaches as well as several blogs (Inspiration by Design) that she keeps.
Without a doubt, my wedding dress has to be my favorite dress.   My very own design, created from a heavy double face silk which I literally could have worn it inside out sewn by one of the most amazing seamstresses who took pride in her work.  Inside around my waist, I wore a nude grosgrain ribbon from which to bustle the back and cleverly attach to the ribbon.  I felt very elegant, not fussy and I would wear it again today as well as marry the same man.  Memories of a dress, from that day forward for better or worse.   The best memory is that it also cost very little to make.  Fashion cents comes in hand every now and again.

Some other dresses that seem to be calling my name are from the Bottega Veneta Collection.
Chic Sheath dresses for day to dinner.  Post the above painting and tout about your favorite dress today.


Liz said...

Gosh - do I have to pick just one? So many come to mind -first school dress, Easter outfits, ist Communion with the heavenly blue sash, the red apple dress with balloon skirt, etc. But my most memorable dress was the one our grandmother made for me. A simple cotton fabric with a brown background and little teal blue flowers floating on it. I loved the little shirtwaist style with the gathered skirt and especially its buttons. Grandma was a very fine seamstress and she had sewn the buttons on with teal blue thread in the shape of an anchor. It anchors me today but gives me the grace to also sail!

simply seleta said...

Ah, two of some of my most-loved blogging artists on the same post today?! Lucky day.

Great post!

Ellen Gerstein said...

Beautiful painting, beautiful picture of a beautiful couple.

I hope your daughter or even a daughter in law to-be can get married in that dress. It's a classic. Reminds me of my mother in law's - so stunning, so beautiful, and from a different time altogether!

Mrs. Limestone said...

My favorite is also my wedding dress. I can't imagine ever loving a piece of clothing as much again.

pve design said...

love that communion dress. paint that one day!
love the teal thread sewn in the shape of an anchor.
do you have a photo? I am guessing that was Grandma Elsie?

thanks sweetie!

another dress was a kindergarten dress which I will post another time.
pause, what was your wedding dress like?

mrs. l-
love to see your wedding dress. show and tell!

Brilliant Asylum said...

You look gorgeous in your wedding dress! I usually hate wearing dresses, so the fact that I did not want to shred my own wedding dress was a minor miracle. Here is a vague picture of it. Mine was captured by an artist as well.
: )

Julia said...

What a beautiful dress, and what a beautiful memory of a beautiful time!

heidi said...

Classic, elegant & one-of-a kind. Like the lady who is wearing it :-)

Kwana said...

Patricia this post just leaves me breathless. You look totally swept away as every bride should be.

London Calling said...

Gorgeous dress. My favorite dress is my future wedding dress. Can't wait to wear it in the spring.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Your lovely wedding dress, and the lovely painting have similar spirits. Beautiful.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I just love your wedding dress! I remember seeing it in an earlier post...but I didn't realize it was your own design. Amazing. The inspiration, the dress, the photo -- all of it!

abbiegrace said...

Gorgeous dress!

Jojo said...

A beautiful wedding dress and photo. This posting has me trying to think about my closet and if I have any dress that I love. I am sure that I don't as everything in my closet is part of a work wardrobe. Surely somewhere in my past was a beautiful dress.... At any rate it is nice to enjoy some of the favorites of others.

Ivy Lane said...

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary! I wore my Mom's wedding gown! It is by far my favorite dress! The hard lace cap with the veil attached to the back was very "Grace Kelly"..

Great post!

Cote de Texas said...

you look utterly gorgeous -!!! I love how well matched in height your husband and you are - you are just right to kiss head on!!! just beautiful.gorgeous actually. I know I said that already!!!

I adored my wedding dress too - it was a Pat Kerr. On the cover of Martha Stewart's Weddings book - she wore a Pat Kerr dress too and I felt such pride in that!!!!!!!!! hehe

I want my daughter to wear it, but she's too fashion forward. my dress was something that Scarlett would have worn.

enc said...

I'm glad you posted that photo of your wedding day again, because I love it. You look so beautiful and happy.

Melissa Lewis said...

What a lovely pictures and a beautiful dress. Why doesn't it surprise me that you designed it?!?!?

My wedding dress is my favorite too. We paid for the wedding ourselves, so the budget was LOW. My dress was very inexpensive, but still so simple and to me, so chic. I just love it.

Hopefully, we will be blessed with a daughter who can one day want to wear it herself.

Mary-Laure said...

Her painting is beautiful - the dress just FEELS silky.

annechovie said...

What a beautiful photo, Patricia! Your dress looks lovely, as do both of you.

Anonymous said...

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