Thursday, November 13, 2008

honor tree

The intent of my visit to my parents was to help them both, to make them both feel better, but in all fairness, my visit was to honor them.  I witnessed my parents, still very much in love with one another, in sickness and in health.  When we honor the ones we love, we find new meaning in our own life.  As the holidays are upon us, one way to honor your parents or a family you love is to make a simple family tree, an "honor tree."  The above tree is so simple from Martha, just a pretty colored paper and a white pen, write the names to form a tree of honor and simply frame.  What a lovely hostess gift!

How do you honor those that you love?


Kim said...

THAT is a fabulous idea! I do love how that looks!

pve design said...

great idea right, I would love to see what your "honor tree" looks like!

Joyce said...

Patricia, welcome back! I missed you!

I love this idea and the simplicity of the tree. Your right it would make a great gift and include the white pen. I will have to visit Martha's site.

I feel the best way to honor my parents and their love is to show others what I have learned from them.
Yesterday would have been my dad's birthday and it was a nice day to share the day with some of my family.

I do hope your parents are doing well.

Sending you hugs.... xoxo

ArchitectDesign said...

That is such a lovely idea! I wouldn't expect less from Martha or from you!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Welcome back Patricia - I've missed you! Your honor tree is beautiful and such a neat idea. I honor those I love with my time and attention.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh I love that idea. I think I honor all of my loved ones everyday by being mother hen to all around me. I'm constantly helping solve one problem or another to make their lives go more smoothly.

Hope Mom is doing better and you enjoyed your trip.

Glad that you are back!

pve design said...

often the simplest ideas are the best loved.

thanks for your kind words in regard to my Mom.
She is in good spirits, but in a lot of pain.

parents are miracles and the trunk of the tree, the family tree. sweet of you to think of your dad on his birthday. know that he feels your love.

martha does bring out the best in each of us.
grateful for her and you too!

time and attention are priceless ways to honor those we care about!
thanks for your kind words!

high heeled...
solving problems with simple solutions is a great way to honor and provide support to many.
good for you!

Lucky said...

i hope your parents are doing well and that it was a comforting visit for you.

i have a very soft spot in my heart for the older population - i always think there are so many people to advocate for children, sometimes the elderly are less addressed. the way my husband and i honor our families is to sincerely try to never hurt them, always include our parents in our decision making - even though we're in our mid 30's - treat them with boundless respect, and remember to tell them often, that our comfortable lives today are due in large part to the love and sacrifices that they made.

i love the tree idea so much - it looks so delicate and beautiful.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I love the honor tree. What a fabulous idea.

Welcome back. It sounds like your trip was rewarding for you, and I'm sure to your parents as well. Hope mom is feeling better.

All my best -

adesignaffair said...

Welcome back. thinking of you.

Ivy Lane said...

Love this idea..i JUST got news from my Mom, she has a health issue and my Dad is home feeling miserable..hoping it is not pneumonia.. They are going on 51 years of marriage. Their display of unconditional love is most inspiring. I hope you Mom is feeling much better!

simply seleta said...

Heartwarming. I love your posts like this one.

I honor those I love by listening and loving.

Karena said...

Patricia, so very nice to honor your parents in this way. Mine have been married 57 years. I cherish them more and more as the years go on.

Summer said...
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Summer said...

now THAT looks like something worthwhile!
and so beautiful!
Definitely writing that one down on my "to do" list
thank you!

la la Lovely said...

Love it... we should always give honor where honor is due! And honoring those that love us the most and help to shape us into who we are is highest on the list! Love the tree idea!
And BTW.. thank you so very much for the lovely package.. it was such a delightful surprise and I adore all of the contents, truly! Thanks cheering up my day! Couldn't find an e-mail addy so excuse the informality!
Have a lovely weekend!
xx Trina

London Calling said...

Honoring those you love is so important. Wishing you and yours the very best.

abbiegrace said...

I've seen that idea from Martha but had forgotten about it. What a great idea. Thanks for reminding me!