Wednesday, April 15, 2009

good bones, great pieces

pve design illustration for "good bones great pieces" mother, daughter team
I have long admired mothers and daughters with "good bones" if you will, the one's that are always dressed with something stylishly chic, sporting great pieces. Certain great dames come to mind, "Estee and Erin Lauder" and then these fine ladies come to mind.  
the "good bones great pieces" team,  scoring a "toulouse" at an estate sale
Meet a mother daughter team full of tips, ideas and information to help you with finding great pieces for your wardrobe or your home.  These ladies have an innate sense for great style.

pve design illustration for "good bones great pieces" - click on "background"
A colorful lamp, a stylish sofa, a framed collection, a table, a pillow, a starburst mirror and soon you are on your way to a home full of good bones and great pieces to love and cherish.

A stylish room set to shine with objects, styled and found by "good bones great pieces"
The stamina to search for objects, to "eye" something and immediately see it fitting in and complimenting a home or a person is an art.   Placement is also key to giving each item a moment to shine.
Scouting for items, attending auctions, thrift shops, and trade shows all add to their expertise of bringing you great details that truly make the difference.  Seeing the value in a table that is weathered, worn and just needs a fresh coat of paint and some "tlc" are what it takes to transform and breathe new life into a piece.
the "sartorialist" snaps the daughter on the streets in New York
Pop over, leave a comment, tell them what you are looking for and trust me they will find just the right piece, with good bones.  These ladies ooze style.  We could all benefit from a little "oozing" - every now and then.


Kwana said...

Thanks for the intro. It's great to see a fine mother daughter team.

Debra said...

I have been fasinated with mother-daughter teams. My mother and I worked together for a few years and it was fabulous to be co-workers and be working toward the same goals. These illustrations are also FABULOUS. I also love the Grandmother-Granddaughter team!!!

pve design said...

"Fine" is right! You will love their site.

It is our honor to pass down not only good bones, but to respect things designed with grace, to educate and to show how living with beauty and style are for everyone to enjoy - wherever you live!
Let's hear it for mother -daughters, and Grandmothers -grandaughters too

little augury said...

Patricia- I just sent out a long email to a friend about daughters- hers and another friend that has 4! I so envy that.(no lovelies here) I think the team effort for most is innate. I find them to just support one another in a beautiful way- being able to work together is the cherry on top. My mother and I are living together after a team effort with my dad and his prolonged illness. After that experience- there did'nt seem to be a question with 20 years of living alone, a real adjustment- but Oh-so-worthwhile.
as always your illustration is wonderful.G

Joyce said...

A wonderful intro to a new place to visit. I didn't work with my mom, but at one time we worked for the same company. My favorite times were our drive to and from work, we talked and talked... The ride deepened our already strong relationship.
Thanks my friend for sharing a great team and for the beautiful illustration!! xoxo

allie in g'town said...

I will definitely be adding their blog to my daily repetoire of pit stops. There is a similar mother/daughter team in C'ville and I miss their shop "And George" greatly.

Purple Flowers said...

My next stop is the mother/daughter team you have just mentioned. I think it's marvelous to see the generational compass being passed from hand to hand. Also, how important it is to have the good bones, yet adding alittle new za za zing to the recipe from the daughter. It's a fun educational experience!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

What a lovely topic.....jeez I hope I get a really, really nice daughter-in-law some day! I have a wonderful son who says "Mom, I feel kind of funny when I look at your blog", see what I mean? I'll keep him though.

Jess Constable said...

That's so cool that she snagged the Satorialist (sp?). That must have been a pretty great day for her :).

Rachel said...

What sweet illustrations! I love all the life in them.

jae said...

Your illustrations, as always, are terrific. Sea and Jae is a mother/daughter team. Even though, I handle most things, she is quiet and strong in the background. It has since come out that my brothers had a bet that we wouldn't last 6 months in business together. We have now worked together for 8 years. I only hope that one day my daughter or even my son, has an interest in working with Mom. Lovely post and tribute.

Marnie said...

love the artwork and just finished exploring good bones blog - thanks for sharing.

annechovie said...

Very cool illustration, Patricia! Love the colors. Have a great weekend!

Blair said...

Oh, what a great find! Can't wait to pop over and check them out! And just amazing illustrations!

Thank you for your comment this morning--so happy to know that you love horses too!

Anonymous said...